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Sponsored by Beacon Plumbing, heating and electrical called Beacon today, say $50 on electrical work. Just call 1 800 freaking and stop freaking called beacon. I'm check that forecast now and it's going to be a really nice one Here is the latest from meteorologist Kristin Clark. I think our monthly rainfall is now running above normal because we are now entering into an extended period of dry weather starting today, lasting well into early next week and as a result of the increased son we're looking at temperatures today in the low seventies and each passing day. Progressively getting a bit warmer will peak in the mid seventies tomorrow through at least Saturday. Then on Father's Day Sunday and to start the summer season fitting that we're going to get at the highest close to 80 to finish off the weekend and the common Weather Center meteorologist Kristin Clark Clouds and a few sun breaks and 60 degrees downtown 96 20 minutes of nonstop news continues. Police and Burian. Looking for the person who killed a man in a car last night. Police say a man was shot in a two year old was found in the car with him. The child was not hurt. This happened near Fourth Avenue Southwest and one 29th Street. Witnesses say they heard gunshots and then a crash. Almost Frank Lindsay reporting. The Grays Harbor County Sheriff's office is made and arrested in 2003 kidnapping and rape of a young woman in McCleery, and they're looking into the possibility the suspect may be linked to the 2000 and nine murder of 10 year old Lindsay Bond. Details from Camoes. Colleen Johnson, the 17 year old victim was kidnapped and raped in March of 2003. But DNA from the suspect did not match anyone on file. But that DNA profile was developed. And last December it was submitted for genealogy testing. A match came back for Paul Beaker of Eden Club who lived in McClary in 2000 and three not far from the victim's home. Grays Harbor Undersheriff Brad Johansen tells KOMO detectives put him under surveillance. A were able to obtain some DNA from a cup that he had thrown away. We submitted that.

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