Afghan Government, Taliban, Nangarhar discussed on BBC World Service


Perhaps the future loyalty if their fighters that they've refused to extend that ceasefire it's not clear exactly why they refuse to extend the ceasefire i it could also be that they didn't want to be seen to be taking their cue from an issue announced by the afghan government they would want to be the ones to i announce a ceasefire suddenly scenes from reports that there was a degree of debate within donavan circles about what to do and whether to extend or not but we do know that certainly a number of figures in the taliban leadership were it seems angry with the kind of scenes that we saw some taliban fighters received audio messages from senior figures saying that there had been no permission whatsoever for the kind of intermingling with the security forces that we saw the taliban on the second day of eat issued a statement saying donavan members shouldn't be going into the cities of enemies as they called them and they should instead stay in their trenches the reason extensively for that seem to be a bomb attack claimed by the islamic state group in nangarhar which targeted a group of afghan civilians and donavan members insecurity forces who were all celebrating together but the suspicion is that perhaps the real reason for that statement and that directed by the taliban was because they were concerned that things were getting out of hand and their own members were going soft or could go soft effectively succumb to kamani cannabis appears to be wafting further into the mainstream has canada announced that legal sales of cannabis would begin this october the cannabis act makes canada the first major economy to legalize the drug for recreational purposes however in the uk where it remains illegal this week so impassioned debate over its uses a medicine i health correspondent focus walsh explains why many pharmaceutical companies say it's high.

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