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It's 1 50 to breaking news on w T o P CBS News Special Report A grand jury has indicted former police officer following the fatal shooting of 26 year old black woman, Briana Taylor in Louisville. Judge any O'Connor reading the grand jury's report when under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life he wanted Lee shot a gun. The jury says fired Officer Brett Hack Kison blindly opened fire into adjoining apartments. When police burst into the home of Taylor during a narcotics investigation in March. No drugs were found in her home. Taylor was shot multiple times during the No knock warrant search of her home connected to a suspect who did not live there. No other charges were announced, even amid new investigations, reports CBS's Jurika Duncan this week, the Louisville Metro Police Department announced that they're investigating three additional officers and Taylor's case, saying they may have potentially broken Department policies. Taylor's death has sparked months of protests. CBS NEWS Special Report. I'm Steve Dorsey being time closer to home who gets to decide how police officers or disciplined Montgomery County is considering a bill to give its police chief more authority to do so. Supporters and opponents spoke out on a Montgomery County bill on police discipline. Torrey Cook with the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, 35. Represents 1100 County officers. If the way we address police discipline in Montgomery County is a real problem, the police chief and the counties I could have a legal that tool is collective bargaining, said Cook. He opposes the bill that would allow police chief Marcus Jones to take disciplinary action without being subject to union negotiation. In some cases, Jeffrey Rubin, with Jews United for Justice also opposed the bill, but for a very different reason that enables the police to investigate themselves. Reuben mentioned the law enforcement The officer's bill of rights, which in his view should be abolished. Kate Ryan. W T O P News coming up next Marcus. They're heading lower today a hint about when it will be Prime day. I'm Jeff Global 1 54 sometimes.

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