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We're just trying to keep people alive. Right. That's true. And actually, I say the kitchen is just like an operating room. No, there's knives. Luckily, not any blood, hopefully, not but set up we have various stations. So the kitchen is a space. I love because we utilize it so much, and there's so many opportunities to create officiency in our time. And so looking at just like, we didn't our it's like when you're doing a certain let's say procedure or activity in the kitchen. Are you cooking? Are you preparing breakfast? Are you preparing lunch or you putting dishes away and when you're in that zone or that station like what do you need? And is it all accessible to you? So when I'm making dinner or make my kids lunches, I don't want to be running around the kitchen. I want to get it done and move onto the next thing because a world is getting so busy and we have a finite amount of energy each day. And we don't want to waste it on activities like that we wanna conservative for what's really important. So I think there's a lot of similarities actually you saying the state. Thing is so poignant because I think a way longtime ago on this podcast. We mentioned we made one tiny change in the kitchen, and it made things so much easier. And it was putting sharpie in the drawer with the bag. Yes. Because when we make lunches for our kids, we have to label one snack for son. That's the way they do at his preschool. And we used to run all the way across the kitchen to the drug Jorda get the sharpie every day. And we were like, oh my gosh. Put a sharpie and the door right next to the bag, and it literally makes it so much easier. Even though it's what saving us five steps. But it's just cumulative over the time that we make lunches all the time. It saves us that step, and it just makes us feel kind of on top of things, which is a nice feeling to have when you're doing something you just don't like to do. At least you feel like you're doing it the most efficient way possible where the same way we have a preschooler. We got to label everything because in the morning like five seconds can feel like an hour, sometimes depending how your mornings going, and I should add like, I think you're mentioning recently, Sherry that. You shared your closet, and how you had a minimal words, which was fabulous. And I was watching the video. And if you recall that one. Oh, yeah. That video. I loved it. And then I watched watch you're like, you're my clothes, and then go out here, and here, some more my clothes, and I go to this stressor. Here's my undergarments. I was like wait you go to three different places to get dressed like no girl, you put that all together in one place and get dressed. I know I really want to renovate our closet and make like jurors in there and a whole system right now as it stands John gets dressed completely in the closet. I get dressed mostly out of the closet, and then go in there to get like a jacket or something. I'm the most efficient dresser in totally. No. But I'm with you. I want everything together. I tell John everyday we've lived five years like this. And I'm ready to have everything together. That's exciting. Because you talk a lot about how the physical decluttering of space organizing of space has impacts armor, actual brains like the way that our brain see our house, and how we actually have a mental lightness. Yeah. And I can tell my own story where I felt like what's wrong with wide is the clutter counter topic, you feel anxious or stress I could just see how I would show up differently depending on how clean my kitchen was. And there's a lot of studies out there now, and they. Confirm that like cluttered environments trigger stress response in our brain. So the same thing as when you know in the caveman era when we were faced by sabertooth tiger or a bear. It's creating that same stress response. And I say when I get funding I'm going to do my own study and show how a clear countertop is just as the fact of as like a meditation gratitude exercise, and how it really does quite the stress response and wake up that part of the brain that allows us to be more present and common creative..

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