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So that's all I gotta say, maybe he goes to camp and he's just amazing though. I mean his is not even going to, I'd like to see how it plays. Oh, I mean, is he not even gonna go to the senator's camp? No, that I never even thought about that. He's going to get an opportunity to to fucking get a role in Ottawa. I mean, he's gonna go to camping. I mean, obviously he's definitely not going back to be you so left wing. Left wing to Charlie. Charlie Coyle left BU and went and played junior, I believe after the world juniors, maybe it also depends on what London's going gonna pay him too. I mean, I never mind forget. I said. Could you? Can you please believe that thank you. So what's it like so many he does go from, you know, big college, the juniors, like you said, child jolly coil, dewitt's. So it doesn't happen often. Why is that? You think, I mean, why? Oh, why does it just seem to be a rare thing for guys to go college? The junior what? You know, it doesn't a college hockey coach on a so good now that there really isn't the isn't the need to. The only thing I'll say is if people like, why would you be you? Hooky colleges is just as good to go to the show, but you know what his brother played in London and his brothers had a great start to what looks to be a long promising career in the NHL. So you see a family member do something, you know he was comfortable, you know, who's gonna be there. You know what he's getting into in terms of how the team treats the players. And so for someone who's had family, do it. I I see how this went down. I don't think it's common just because college hockey's so so much better than it than it then it's, it's better than it's ever. Been so guys don't need to. You can go right from college player in the NHL which maybe he still will. I'm I'm gonna try him in there. I think this is the reason why is I think that the always shell on a schedule standpoint and more hockey focus gets you ready for the pro game you're paying and the OH l. sixty eight games now as opposed to a shorter schedule and college and call every game. You're, I find that guys like running around. I get so last game ever. It's like each game just amplified you're paying for that much more because it's a sort of look where I feel in order to death to the pro game and wet you can. You can attest to this. You need to get in like like a good rhythm where you're not going fall for the wall. Every night. You're playing at that like eighty five percents, you know, energy exertion level, and you need to find the rhythm of your game. And you might think I'm looking way too much, but I think that's a big factor as much as I hate to say. You know, I think you're right, I do. I, it's funny. Because college hockey, it's so much shorter and you'll ever thirty five to fortyish game. So pretty sure that's what it still is. That's what it was. When I played you, you you every Friday Saturday. So you have all week off. You practice you lift and like you said, Bom Bom, two nights, Friday, Saturday. And it isn't like pro and it's it is hard that first year you're just like, oh my God, like another Tuesday game. It's January game, fifty, three, holy shit, but call that never happened. So maybe is looking iron. I'm gonna. I wanna learn. The pro game in junior is more of a pro game, so I'm one hundred percent on board with that. Yeah. Yeah, another option, they could always send them to the AHL which I mean you'd think that would probably be better for his development than the the always jealous stage of the game. If he's leaving be you, you know, I would. That's probably I don't. So our, I don't believe she's allowed to just yet simply for the fact that he's been already drafted by NHL team. There's a lot of different rules that apply to this. We may be butchering right now. No, I also heard that he has to go to three different OH l. themes where that are or he would only go there..

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