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And he apologized to them and then he went out and played great now. I know it doesn't change history but it just feels like where's all the great stuff about Scotty Pippin. All the amazing defensive plays you made the way. He could guard every position just about on the floor so I have some sympathy for Scotty pippin today I really do. Well let me push back on you just as a little bit. Jackie macmullan an honor to have one of the matriarchs of this business on the show. Really appreciate you being here his way. I would push back though. I think they have shown a lot of highlights of Scottie. Pippen's greatness some of the things he did on the floor passing the ball dunking on ewing defending etc etc. But the reason why. I can't come to Scottie. Pippen's defense so much is because it would be one thing if Jordan said it literally Scottie. Pippen his on the documentary. Saying I probably would have done it again. He was the one on a documentary. Part saying would it contract when he delayed his surgery? You know what I thought. I was getting screwed over by the Bulls. My attitude was them and I didn't care so I didn't want to mess up my summer. And as a result it led to him missing the first thirty five games of that final season in which he had talked about at one time. You know something. I may never play in a bulls uniform again. Those were his words. So it's hard for me to sit up. Dan Give him a pass or the feel like he's being portrayed negatively when it's his words that's indicting himself what do you say to that. No I understand that and that was one of the most stunning parts of this whole clip was Scott. Used response now I. I haven't talked to Scotty specifically about this. I'd be curious to know. Did he make those comments after seeing all the other of comments from the teammate said he played with all these years later is a defense mechanism against something that he knows is going to be a stain on his reputation for the rest of his career? I can't answer those questions because I wasn't able to ask Scotty specifically about that and listen. It was a mistake. No one's going to argue. That Scotty really shouldn't either but Stephen A. You've been around these professional athletes along time. Hard for them to admit when they're human and when they've made an error and I think that's what you're seeing there that's fair that's fair. That's Jackie great to see you as always Jackie and I go way back to the House Stephen Day. We do Sir these ten things. I know true look so so pippen I read and I wish I could remember off hand. I've read a lot in recently about this. You refresh my memory. Where teammate made of his mentioned that That it's a bill buckner with the ball going under his legs but the difference. There's Bill Buckner made an honest mistake. He tried he was he he. He put effort forth on a field of competition in the ball went through his legs. It's one of those things. This was a choice Scotty made then when given a chance to say maybe I'd do it differently. He said No. I do it the same way again. Is you in Stevenage? Said and that rings to me like a guy who always had chafing under Jordan Shadow And yet he's as the greatest second banana ever right in your experience covering that team did Scotty have a problem with his position on the team. Well it's funny. The Scottie Pippen of today was very different. Scottie Pippen than the one that was playing. He was a very very shy quiet guy. He was not someone that liked to deal with the media lot. I don't think it was in his personality. He's an introvert. I think he Jordan at at oftentimes as close as close could be. I think they grew to love each other and really appreciate what one did for the other. Both have said they could never won. This had this dynasty happened without the other. They're the only two players that are consistent for all six championships. Having said that about it. If you're Scottie Pippen this is your moment Michael. Jordan's GONNA play baseball. You have become the best player on the team you have delivered. You have been a focal point. And then here comes the big moment score tied in the final seconds of the game. You're getting ready to take the winning shot. Your told that you're not going to take that you're going to be a decoy and the person that's going to take. It is the person who got paid more than you without ever playing a single game for the Chicago Bulls who has come over from Croatia. And I'm just trying to be inside. Scottie Pippen's head. In that moment he's very very proud person in that moment. I think he thought Phil. Why are you doing this to me? This is my time. It's my turn now. One of his ex teammates said to me. Hey how would Michael Jordan feel Phil? Jackson drew up that final play with for Toni. Kukoc while Michael Jordan standing there. Well we know the answer. Phil would never do that because Scotty Pippin isn't Michael Jordan. Nobody's Michael Jordan. But if you'RE SCOTTIE. Pippen you're thinking I was the good soldier I I played. The second fiddle didn't complain. This was my moment and you took it from me. So in that moment in the heat of competition I I can understand this reaction to I condone it. No do I think it was the right thing to do. No but I mean he's a human being can at least understand how this may have transpired. That was our last dance. Recap brought to you by. At and T. As always Jackie macmullan with great points on that and context. That's what we have to have when we look at this documentary context to what was going on. And that's what the documentaries trying to provide. I understand at some point that we WANNA make villains and heroes out of every episode but let's also realize that what this is is a ten part series meant to give us a look behind the curtain at the entirety of what this bulls dynasty was about good and bad and while we can obviously focus on some of the converse. Some of the decisions made by Scottie. Pippen and we can sit there and analyze whether or not. It was the right thing to do. If you're Scottie Pippen and you start walking things back now. It only re energizes the conversation entirely throughout the process of it. I will say again Scottie. Pippen has every ability right now above and beyond in a world where Craig Hodges can make national news because he speaking out against the last answer the way. It's being portrayed. Don't we think that Scottie? Pippen would have every ability to speak out if he has a real issue with it. We've seen through this and what we should learn through. This is that at the very least Scottie. Pippen somebody that looks at this situation and is determined. He's done things the way he wanted to do them. He's done things the way that has been best for him and he is at least confident enough enough enough in that to not care what any of us think about it. If he didn't care what any of US thought about it. Then why would he care? What any of us think about it now and as much as we're wrapped into the last dance because frankly we don't have other sports to occupy any level of our creative juices at this point are competitive juices and we're taking every ounce of this to heart as much as we are for Scotty pippin he can still look back and say you know what I got the rings I got the legacy I have the career. I don't care what any of.

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