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The six o'clock hour will be joined. Buy a debate professor from Chico State, But first we have the latest in the wild fires that are burning in Northern California. Wildfires News 93.1 KFBK continuing coverage to fast growing Northern California wildfires continue to burn out of control at this hour Mohr than 2000 firefighters and are in the wine country this morning fighting the glass fire. It's burned more than 46,000 acres in Napa and Sonoma County's. It's destroyed more than 80 buildings, and his only 2% contained farther north. The Zog fire has scorched more than 50,000 acres, destroyed almost 150 homes and other structures and killed three people. There is no containment of the SOG Fire and Shasta County. There is progress on one fire in Northern California to report this morning, the West Zone portion of the North complex. Fire that's in Butte County. It is now 95% contained KP case, Mike Baka has more fire officials say that their containment lines were so good that even the weekend wind didn't breach their barriers. The area down by Forbes Sound and Communities around there. We had dozers coming in and cutting contingency line That is Butte County, Cal Fire's Rick Carhartt, who says they also used backfires. We had to put fire on the ground, and we did amazingly successful firing operation where we took our contingency lines, and we put fire on the ground to burn back in the direction of where the main fire was coming to remove all the fuel, he says. They're in communication with the federal fire crews who are battling the active fire burning in Plumas County. Mike Baka NEWS 93.1 KFBK This morning, a Sacramento area company is on the cutting edge of creating digital license plates and their business has taken off during the pandemic. K of the case. Aubrey Aquino reports Granite Bay based revive her auto is giving consumers a digital alternative to car registration and renewals. Founder Nevel Boston says in Cove it when people couldn't get into the DMV to do normal transactions. They're digital platform for license plates opened up opportunities to streamline processes that I've been broken because you're changing an entire industry. You're digitizing something That's been a stampede of metal for well over 100 years and you're utilizing in a new and unique way that people you know, had not thought about before. The plates are currently offered in California in the Arizona and legal in five other states with plans to be in more than half of the U. S in 2021, Aubrey Aquino News 93.1 KFBK You're 70 National Park, getting rid of its cryo Day use permit starting November 1st since the park reopens. Did June. Reservations were required to limit how many people were in the park of one time. Most recently, the park is closed temporarily because of poor air quality. The day use permit system will remain in effect through the end of October. All right, let's get you caught up on all of this hour's top national stories on news 93.1 kfbk. So the first presidential debate of 2020 included this moment, which President Trump was asked to explicitly condemn white supremacist. What do you want to call him? Give me a name. Give me a problem, right, like.

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