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73 65 working together and working for you. 3 28 Traffic and weather on the AIDS hasn't going well. Hillary Outer Loop Beltway still cleaning up dirt on the Beltway out before state part of this road exit for still blocking at least the right lane there And in Germantown, you cannot get from 2 70 onto 1 18 to head west of 2 70 because of the closure of 1 18 westbound. If you have to be on it, you know, be diverted onto of Middlebrook. I don't think you get to it at this point, Get beyond 2 70 for traveling westbound eastbound or headed toward to 70 That is open. But you won't be able to get Western. Few 70 really headed west on 1 18 now for the investigation of the accident. Solving a pedestrian interlude Beltway is quite slow from right around Georgetown Road now headed around through the test, and so was spring Freeway westbound jammed pretty solidly. To the broken down car after Main Avenue near the case Bridge in the center of the roadway and 95 south slows and several stretches First of the AKA Kwon, of course, But then, after Quantico, often on Frederiksberg 66 West, very slow route 50. The crash remains after Centerville route 29 still blocking the right lane there. This traffic report sponsored by Burke and Herbert Bank, where your business means everything. It's better at Burke and Herbert Bank at your service since 18 52 Bob in Little GOP travel, Let's turn to Amelia Draper's storm team. Or weekend forecast for instructing for weather alert mode on this Friday with frost and freeze warnings in effect for locations mainly along in west of I 95 If you live in these areas you want to protect sensitive plants, either by covering them or bringing them indoors with temperatures for the evening hours.

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