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Station. Coming out swinging amateur Jordan, Fox News. President Trump is striking back after house speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly told Democrats, she wants to see him in prison. I've tried to be nice job because I would have liked to some deals done. He's incapable of doing deals, a nasty indicative person. The president in an exclusive interview with FOX's Laura Ingram in Normandy, France, where he attended d day remembrances tariffs on Mexican imports are said to go into effect Monday. White House officials now say President Trump made his tariff threat after watching a video that reportedly showed hundreds of immigrants streaming across the southern border a move that could cost Mexico hundreds of billions of dollars in additional fees, and hit US consumers in the wallet here at home. President Trump is threatening to slap new tariffs on all goods coming in from Mexico, unless it's government depths up to stem the flow of mass migration through its country and across the US southern border. New tariffs could make deep cuts into the more than. Three hundred seventy billion dollars worth of exports into the US and make no mistake about it. President Trump blames the Mexican government, but what he calls passive cooperation. And allowing this mass incursion adding that it constitutes an emergency and extraordinary threat to the national security and economy of the United States. Fox's Kevin Corke twenty twenty Democratic Front runner. Joe Biden is changing his position on a long-standing congressional ban on using federal healthcare money to pay for abortions Biden said at a fundraiser in Atlanta, they keeping the Hyde amendment would prevent poor women from exercising their rights to terminate a pregnancy. He said he previously thought there was white enough access to abortion services a remembrance ceremony in Virginia Beach for the twelve people killed in last week's mass shooting..

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