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You're looking pretty good all around, including the river roads, airport tunnels, leaving the city up to the north, looking pretty decent. Now over that Tobin Bridge after clearing an earlier crash on the Chelsea side once you get over the bridge, Nice ride up the revere in Saugus. 90 three's A speed limit. Trip. 10 minutes, Boston UPIN The Wilmington and no reporter troubles up on Route three. Getting up past 4 95. Although up in Chelmsford route 38 Kingsborough Road Road Work has traffic slow both directions here between route 40 and Riley wrote in the King's Borough Lines would be careful up there south of town. So far so good on the expressway. South bound getting down past Mass Aven Savin Hill. Down on for 95 north pounded you have almost a mile backup approaching workers here at exit three or soon after Exit three route 28 in that Middleborough stretch and over in Canton, multiple poles and wires down has a portion of pleasant street closed between Meadows AB and Sherman Street and with those heavy rains and winds we had in the overnight in early morning. Expect that to be the case and a lot of second every roadways, trees, branches and debris on some of these roadways could cause some pretty good slowdowns. This report sponsored by T Mobile for Business T Mobile business Advantage Get up to 90 Days of unlimited free on business plans via bill credits when you switch plus taxes and fees stopped by for details over 50 gigabytes per month of lower speeds during congestion video at for a T P c t mobile dot com Kevin Brennan w B. C's traffic on the threes are, Kevin. Thank you the weather update looking at the Doppler right now. A little bit of rain just in a narrow portion of Cape Cod right now, the mid Cape getting a little bit of rain and also central Massachusetts.

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