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The service that they're depending on now if they're depending on an Uber or left that's not. Going anywhere until members say not only with a measure help with increase. Congestion from extra vehicles but we'll stay off losses for yellow cabs and livery drivers who have seen their incomes and medallion values plummet lift spokesman Joseph Opoku argues this will. Make it harder for people to get a ride outside of Manhattan is that there. Have been thousands upon thousands of concerned citizens who tried to express their concern, to the city council and it appears to this moment that the council is not willing to really hear the concerns because they're rushing. Through so quickly Guzman NBC News Radio New York Noah will be giving an update on the Atlantic. Hurricane season outlook this morning as the season enters its peak period of August through October so far this season there. Have been, four named, storms. Including two hurricanes forecasters we'll talk about what to expect during the remainder of the season Which ends November thirtieth movie lovers are having. Strong. Reactions to the news that, the Oscars are adding a category. The, new category is going to honor achievement in, popular film actor Rob Lowe said the move was the worst idea, the academy of Motion Picture Arts and, sciences has ever come up with also said the film business passed away with the announcement it hopes of, adding, viewers the. Board of governors also approved shortening the ceremony to three hours and we'll move. The data two weeks starting in twenty twenty arc Mayfield NBC News Radio the number one reason Americans are putting money aside may surprise. You it's not to purchase a home car save for retirement or college it's to see the world a recent study by SunTrust. Banks found that, forty, five percent. Of Americans are saving their money for travel after travel said he found thirty seven percent of Americans are building their nest egg for emergencies. Thirty percent for retirement, and twenty one percent to buy home the Carter NBC. News Radio something.

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