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A gunman in Houston getting out of his car after rush hour accident on the freeway opening fire he killed two people don't know exactly what the next was behind this road rage an accident narcotics Justin Houston police chief Bobby Dobbins advance in custody people living in a small western Tennessee town are being urged to take extra precautions and keep on the lookout for an escaped convict Curtis ray Watson who six years into a fifteen year sentence for aggravated kidnapping then as a previous conviction for told abuse is scape Wednesday from a Tennessee prison north of Memphis but first official say he killed sixty four year old corrections administrator Deborah Johnson there stark warning this individual's been missing for a day we don't know where he is and he could be anywhere residents here are being asked to check surveillance cameras on their property and to make sure that any weapons they own have not been stolen it's ABC's Victor Oquendo Chinese tech giant Huawei has unveiled its own operating system for smartphones that could replace Google's android system if U. S. sanctions result in losing access to android phones that's what Wall way says the trump administration has labeled the Chinese chided security fact over two million Muslims from around the world are beginning their five day hospital they will take part in several rituals the sound of prayer is proceeding into this is ABC news ready to create your own income with your own home based business where there's no such thing as getting laid off if a billionaire entrepreneur spent five years in twenty million dollars searching for the next big trend wouldn't you want to know what he found if you're serious about making money from home without having to leave home then write this down W. W. W. dot go here next dot com you decide your income get the facts now go here next dot com hi sherry Preston ABC news there's a plan for dealing with the bombs in the junk sail almost folks you're gonna love in shocking comes from some lefty politicians and I might actually work that's what's exciting Armstrong in the morning K..

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