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Y'all see your next thursday. So that's that's the only reason why i come to the hospital to hear this. He's next week. I at these these days. Going to be walking out lockup off. Pick you sitting around yeah. That's exactly what's going to happen to you. K mr harvey. That's funny to me. The last time. I had a storage locker. No storage facilities. you know. we'll be things. Bids sore swordsman over thirty. Three north. Right there right up. The road came over to exit the one right below twenty fishery thirty three hectare tauro alcohol so so when you come round heck how its stores right. So i this last the year. Go get the shot in the different medication. But i had a busy day and had moved stuff out of a storage facility. Cine i go to the stores facility. And you know they had those rose you know those rows storage bins five thousand of and saying you don't and you can drive your car. It's like almost like a two lanes and there's nobody there. Potty guys in the office is looking at your to camera. Right bobby cologne. I'd go there to move stuff out of there now. I'm the only one in there. But in the guy the cameras barbie cologne my knee locks. I would pay to see twenty minutes. You see me just leaned over. The car even came back like.

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