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About his. I've so many things to say about I should have cut that into half. Because I'm it's okay. Let's go start great. First of all something I really love is or somewhere like paying attention to is like opening lines. In rap verses like I think sometimes they can make or break for sure a route tone. Yeah. And I think that I love and I love especially rap verses that sort of open up like in sort of like, wink, wink to the fact that like they're starting like, this one's like so story. And I think it's such a good beginning. And I think it's just like a very good way to start a very good rappers. Great. And so, and then the other thing I wrote is like something I also have a very strong belief in that the Spice Girls are like extremely theatrical. Like, so like, they're just they're characters essentially, but like in this. Verse particularly they're talking about each other. They're finishing each other's sentences. Not only that but finishing each other sentences like conversational about each other like talking about the other one then the other ones like I got it from here because you just mentioned me, I'm about what it's like, Barron tap in and this relay. Yeah, it's just like it's something that I mean, I can three musicals that do the exact same thing. And so I just think that's like in this sort of like the spirit of the whole song, which is like the call and response. It's like a song. That is like I was listening to the only to girl groups, I can think of that achieved the same level of success as a Spice Girls, which is fifth harmony and little mix which Destiny's child's gotta race Ristori. Sorry. I meant like TLC just gotta racer mystery. Okay. You're real racist. It'd be on groups of girls Supremes no modern fair enough. And that's also different because that had beyond this is like there's no beyond saying this group. I mean, you could say that Camilla is the beyond say fifth harmony, but what I'm saying Kelly Rowland's. Yeah. She that great song the getting shot. Yeah. That was a sad song. Okay. Yeah. We'll grammar was all wrong. Oh, shit girl groups. This is a song. I was listening to the other girl groups like fifth harmony and little mix and their songs easily be sung like you could just take the songs Arianna grenades. And it would just be a song road. Just be a regular song have one person. But this is like a song that is like begging. It's by group can't not be sung by group. And I think that that's very with the call and response with this like rap verse. And with like the talking about themselves. It's like that's a really good observation collaborative element so much. So and it's like, yeah. Just and I would just like it's a really I'm so glad that it was their debut single because it was I just think like what a way to introduce yourself as a group. No what I mean. Like, it's such a statement. And it's such being like, here's like who. We are. We're not like the fuck and Beatles. But like, we're having fun. Even the music video. They're just like walking around hotel like flippant people's table. And like punching things and stuff. I couldn't figure out. What scary spice reminded me of in this first. And then I finally figured it out when during the punch-up, she sounds like slick Rick. She does. Yeah. How about you and may make the role. Rev rapper from eight and he was in the Christmas story, I've I've never seen that that movie movie. a song called a real story. That's what it is. Right. Thank you. Oh, yeah. Let's play it. The job money came one couldn't stop. It's like he had it. Those e. It is very scoops up to the words, and it's so like kind of out a tune and just relax feels like the entire thing is being performed in italics. That's exactly what I was about eight z. Don't they say that in England fake? They're just trying to you know, you gotta Americanize yourselves. If you wanna remind me of a fact you want to be six day where spice in England they were spice. And they came to America, and there was a rapper named spice. So they added the girls. Interesting Spice Girls is a gray a cooler thing, they probably would have gone a lot further, but Spice Girls, I feel very important part of it to me..

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