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You know as potential customers or pilot sites or or research sites at one time and so we have some greats collaborators that sinai accelerator which is another great program. We share a lot of alumni. And that's in one system which provides a lot of great advantages. Because you know you. Have you know that direct tie but for us since we're a little bit more removed. We can navigate multiple different systems. Different champions different pathways. All at the same time there are a few other accelerators. That are customer driven In that same way you know that they provide access to different customers but none other that do multiple how systems in the way that we do and so if you're a startup looking to figure out not necessarily how do your proof of concept you've already had a pilot but you're trying to figure out how to scale your solution across multiple enterprise house systems. Then were a great destination for that company because you can explore that with multiple clinical leaders and finance decision makers with several different house systems. That have a lot of different structures. And so you can learn how to scale your company across such different customers with us. And that's That's so unique. And a great point to make. Emily and you know i think about key performance indicators and how we measure success how you guys measure success rate question and one that we always are refining and trying to improve how we communicate so right now the way that were measuring success is around it formed between a startup and a member institutions a health system or a corporate partner and so we track how many startups will have research agreement or a pilot started or clinical study started or full implementation. And so that's what we're really looking to a move because once the startup and a health system have a relationship like that then we can continue to support both parties to make that successful. We can provide an opportunity for the startups to have an office with us and to stay in our physical space and to get access to advisers. That can help them. Continue to navigate those discussions and we can really rock around a lot more supports and that's also what the health systems are looking for. They don't start up to just get in. Get out and get on with life and take those learnings and not include that system in how they're building the business so that's where we're seeing is how we can continue to help those relationships developed especially since most accelerator models or three to four months. And that's just not enough time to really hit that metric in healthcare exactly votes. He's that we used to have no not anymore We used to have a modeling that you know building off of the great success of other accelerators that are typically that that stage especially in tech but of course It's it's not enough time to know if someone's going to be successful and to hit those metrics that we discussed so we've extended the program to six months with an option to extend another six months and you know we we look at it A lot more fluidly As you know you're entering a community to get continued resources and support from us. We're gonna look to as quickly as possible. Get you on track to get that relationship. But you know if you're gonna do an enterprise wide implementation that could take two years to really navigate with the with the health system best case scenario so we're measuring. How while the start ups are on track to meet those metrics. And that's how we're able to measure how well we're doing with our program love it that's that's great thank you for that and The longer term is is certainly something we have to. We have to think about when you think you have enough money enough time. You're probably going to have to do that times too. So right so we are. Certainly you know fortunate to have centers like yours that that put together entrepreneurs and and health systems multiple systems in this case. How has what you do. Improved outcomes or made business better. I love to hear an example. Yeah absolutely so one of the companies that we've with in the last year is called verdy. It is a virtual reality company. So of course it's popular favorite among techies and so alex young. Who had that company was a clinician in the uk and he wanted to scale how medical education happens so right now that happens typically in assimilation center. And that's very expensive and a lot of equipments and requires a lot of access and so only a few people can be in their time but he's been able to recreate these three surgical videos within any headset or actually any iphone and to try to scale the access to medical education. And he's been going beyond that. Of course now. He has the opportunity to do corporate training for surgical devices for example with corporate partners as well as just general corporate training and so that company has been able to provide a lot of great value to the medical training groups as well as some other cool patient experienced things that he's Working on as well with some of our partners so that one is is a cool. When i think when we talk about access not just patient access but also access to training and education. That one is is a pretty cool one My other one. That has a direct impact and as a favourite is called tiba psalm and so they have a box that keeps organs breathing. More naturally So you think about current organ donation. Typically they're just put on ice in a in a box and their stats to where they're supposed to go. That surgeon doesn't know if that oregon is going to be ready to transplant or not and so There's not enough information and and that if it's a lung for example it's not breathing just sitting there and so two assault has created these really great Fabulous boxes that include negative pressure to help lungs breathe and it includes data about how that long is doing and and so the surge on the other side. You know if it's going to be ready for transplant has actually taken twelve lungs. That would have been otherwise discounted for transplant because they weren't suitable them in this breathing box and have transplanted twelve lungs. That would have otherwise not been transplanted so balanced definitely a really cool opportunity to show that you know. Lives are being impacted directly through technology. That is being developed by some amazing clinicians engineers. Outs you know the community. Yeah that's so interesting. And i mean if somebody's gonna give their long up make it work. You know it's like it's got it's got to work and and it's so neat that they raised it a find a way to do this awesome examples. I know two of many But you know there's going to be an opportunity for folks to go and and learn more about you and and the organization. Emily before we get there though. Let's talk about setbacks. Can you share one of the biggest ones you've experienced and and a key learning that came out of it yeah. I think that we redesigned our entire accelerator. Because it wasn't really working for the type of business that we were driving and so when we think about you know how we do our own business we always have to continue to reevaluate our value proposition. Just like coaching all of our startup to do. And so it felt like in the old model you were just repeating it because it was kind of successful you know. We had success stories but we didn't really have a lot of framework around that was happening. Or how we were driving that exactly And so the whole process of re formatting. The accelerator was definitely addressing. The fact that we kind of got into the routine and we we made things happened but we needed to really refocus on our business. dislike we coach oliver startups to do so. I think another example of a setback is more on the one on one relationship side. And so you know we're always trying to provide a way for the start ups and the the house of to come together around a relationship but sometimes you know. We don't provide the right advice early enough on how to you know. Make that happen. So for example there was a startup that went in asking for a pilot relationship with one of our systems that was paid but it was an area that they had never done before..

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