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North Wilkes borough is it's mainly a raceway it's speedway. Yeah okay. Great so I was right good. This is a tragedy an hold on hold on. I get to say it again. The NASCAR racing pro invitational series there. It is solid so this attract we haven't seen in NASCAR Since Ninety six so I'm excited about this was a iconic track Back when I first got into the sport it was kind of one of those short tracks. We all look forward to each year. But due to the landscape of Nascar how things kind of over grew the speedway As far as the fan attendance at all these tracks and just Kinda the nature of the business. There were so many tracks in the North Carolina. Area that it was just over saturated that this one just kind of lost out in the shuffle but They should do it now. Why don't they do it now? It would make sense. Although the thing has so much repair that needs to be done. You have to get the safer barrier all the way around which costs a lot of money. There's so much work done as we done there. It's such a bummer. I wish somebody would build this exact same thing in another market where we need to track and we need a good track. Which would be something like this. But man it's A. It's a bummer. Because it was an amazing race track if you don't need to accommodate fans and it's only about the race track than just fixed those things up. Well yeah I understand that for something like this but it still takes time to get that done and the whole the whole press box area. That's there is just totally dilapidated and it's fallen apart. That didn't stop Phoenix for decades. No this is actually falling. Apart at least Phoenix Phoenix was like concrete dungeon. I think the The TV broadcast booth was held up by two by fours. Shake it shake. Pretty bad up there but This this isn't even there. It's just collapsed. That's gone so it's it's in bad shape. I'd love to see if they could ever do it and they get back on schedule. That'd be awesome but I. I really doubt that it'll ever happen. Unfortunately so we talked about this a little bit earlier the Classic track recently cleaned up. Dale earnhardt junior and a crew of drivers and broadcasters. So that racing could that come in and do their laser magic scan of the track and prepared for the service so I mean this is like an exclusive. We haven't seen this yet even Irene. Yeah and so. The interesting thing is this wasn't supposed to be available until about July For the public but They've kind of rushed to head since we're doing this. And Becker they scan the thing and got it all cleaned up. They had no idea we were going to be losing races. Dudakovic nineteen and all this stuff and we'd be wanting to air these irises. So it's pretty interesting that it all played out the way they did and this is GonNa be a big thing for North Wilkes speedway for folks who have never seen a race there. This is going to be very interesting couple of specs for you. It's roughly Just over half mile. I point six to five miles in length the front and back stretches have opposite elevations changes so. That should be different. It'll be fun. Some notable drivers on the entry list include that same Dale Earnhardt Jr. Guy Jeff Gordon now on the entry list so I guess he liked what he saw you weeks ago for for historical purposes. Jeff Gordon was the final winner at North Wilkspur on the Cup series of ninety six so this is a big deal for him. And then you got Martin junior racing for the first time in this series. As far as I can tell yeah I guess got a rig installed even though they're kind of holding off they didn't want to chance His girlfriend's Health. Apparently they felt it was okay or got components Sent to them and they kind of aired out for a couple of weeks or something like that so now they're all all set all right and could have done in the garage or something. That's where we leave our groceries John would on the list Bobby Labonte. He's been there a staple there in the series and many many others so look for that. Now this is interesting as of this recording anyway Absent from the list for this weekend are Jimmy. Johnson William Byron. Who's one pretty much every race? Chase Elliott Alex Bowman. Now what are those guys? Have IN COMMON THEIR ALL. Hendrick motorsports drivers. What's going on there? Well you kind of wonder if they're spending a lot of time in the Chevrolet Sim rig Now that that is no longer outlawed. And maybe they don't want to get messed up going between the IRA sing in the Chevy. Some interesting maybe. I don't know or they could end up Last minute additions on the the list as they've kind of done aby few weeks so we'll see HABE. The event is one hundred sixty laps with a field of twenty. Eight drivers and drivers are GONNA get one of those resets if something major happens with their race car and then there's GonNa be maximum of three attempts at a green white checkered. Finish for this for two nine cents. Yeah so that'd be fun. I know I know you don't like the resets. But this is kind of uncharted territory here. It is But at the same time I still wish they didn't have it but yeah for TV purposes and to give the guys that are big names in this a second chance of something weird happens I understand it but I just would prefer it not to be there. Check out the North Wilkes borough one sixty. Now that's a great length right there Saturday at three PM Eastern on one of your Fox channels either Fox F. S. one or the Fox sports APP here locally in Los Angeles it's on f s one because they like their knife infomercial stuff. Yes have you bought one yet. A knife yeah. No you could be like the only one who buys it and when you buy leave them and say pull your infomercial off of Fox. Please write bonds. We need to get rid of our infomercial. I guess we should do that now. See that they're right. There is funny. Yeah see funny stuff. Oh Saturday night. Thunder by the way is moving to Friday because that makes a Lotta sense well with the race here happening Saturday at like three. Pm It didn't quite work out for Saturday night thunder so Saturday thunderstorms Friday night. Thunder this week this past week one by this week. One by Anthony. Alfredo by the way oh I feel like some Alfred. Dinner Sounds delicious. By the way that's online at car dot com slash live. Yes yes yes up next. A real life interview Back when there was no social distancing and we didn't even know what that Torment Tyler rettig on the program. T.f L. W. is the place whoa like us at facebook dot com slash. The final lap like us is the final lap. Weekly today once again. Tyler RETTIG. Welcome back to the program. Yes thank you Just enjoy the dry weather out here. Yeah it's pretty pretty sweet. Today is my first time On track for myself for this team with a scenario where you really gotta have the car handling well and work on those things. So that's what it's been our focus and We got a pretty good understanding of what direction we gotta have in second practice. All right So you're up in the cup series. Now that's got to feel pretty good. Yeah you know it's It's hugely a lot online. We've we've obviously got a try and figure some stuff out really quickly here. Is this year kind of flies by before the playoffs gate here and we got to do everything we can to to put ourselves in position to try and make that. I know it's early on. But what are some of the things you're noticing? That's different between the two series. I mean everything. Lot of really good teams. A lot of really good crew members You know teams with a lot of resources and with that you know for us. We were trying to get back to where the scene wants to be closer to that and last year wasn't a good year for them so we got to work hard and that's going to be our goal but yet cars drive so much differently than these cars getting used to what that is and what that means in the race and just trying to constantly stay on top of that. Give ourselves the best car that we can for Sunday House. The tech drastically different between the two cars. Yeah I mean these cars and exciting cards. You get everything you can to make more downforce and make more out of the car and on the six. Finnity me on this upside. We're we're so close to wide open with the package and how everything is and some of the roles and just some of the technical differences make it make our lot to a degree that they they don't drive a lot like each other but.

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