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In radio the only way to know whether or not the audience enjoys the entertainment is by that purchases of the product that makes the program possible by the personal approval, sponsors, so friends if you'd like the shadow series, they wanted to hear the show again, next fall won't you phone? All right. Your nearest MU dealer and let him know your purchases of blue col- and your phone calls the blue col- dealers will indicate to them, whether or not they should bring you the shadow program against them. And now on behalf of our entire cast out, thanks to you again, for your loyalty to our show and yours. Support of loophole by Bill Magnus. We hope you'll be back again, in the fall friends remember that you can continue to build the adventures of the shadow during the summer months by getting the shadow magazine at your local news day, Ken Robert saying goodbye or blue coat. All right. That's the shadow from March nineteen nineteen thirty nine candidate talk Bill Johnstone along with Agnes Moorehead there and sponsored by blue col- is heard on mutual and that was the last show of the season. They weren't even sure if the show was coming back, you know, and I can tell you, it did come back and aired all the wait until the nineteen fifties. That's fairly. It's we we we next weekend. Yeah. All right couple commercials. When we come back in our next hour. It's, you bet your life with Groucho Marx and then dragnet. So stick around..

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