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Got so bored watching the testimony that I went out and and when watched something incredibly yeah I watch the grass grow and it's winter that was more entertaining than the testimony in this impeachment nonsense but I'll tell you what I learned in you can tell me what you think about it a four one thousand Lee Mathews Katie okay dot com bills and for joining us too while we've been talking about impeachment the north Koreans are feeling neglected and so will take they're like children that you neglect and then they start to have a little bit so they can get your attention again and they newsradio one thousand K. T. O. K. traffic and weather on top of that we get some rain and cold weather on the way only well all riser and Helen hunt from the new man news people here watch TV one shell into the three on NBC for then it for alarming claims about the chemicals in products you use every day these concentrations really do build up and why some experts say teens may be most vulnerable wow behind the label today on news for it for hi welcome to this ad for new sublease fighter starting at one eighty nine each how do you want to cheer squad give me a one eighty what what spell anything Mike Morgan four warn storm team partly cloudy Donna school tonight fifty three for the low cloudy twenty percent chance of rain tomorrow first we will be between two and three on the next way between four three and four high of sixty four but then dropping down to fifty five for a low the rest of the cold front comes through on Thursday bringing a seventy percent chance of rain hi a fifty to a low of thirty six Friday eighty percent chance of rain high of forty but there on Saturday sunny with a high of fifty five outlook for thanksgiving partly cloudy and a high of fifty nine seventy three right now newsradio one thousand Katie of holiday tips and fun facts from Paul Kristen indexer total anymore reference still rave about the perfect are brought last year let me help make your friends giving unforgettable board is one of the world's most popular Redlands made from Cabernet cab front and we're left it also makes the perfect gift for your picking off having Turkey and all the fixings I suggest an easy drinking Pinot noir for white drinkers try and unhooked Chardonnay whether you're detaining or just bring the line we'd love to share our always low prices are ridiculous selection with you this holiday now offering same day delivery at total wine dot com cheers celebrate Halloween with dressed up donuts from.

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