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We care the most about i mean guys like you and get you and the or uh you know we're important to the economy at least we think we are uh we're not the future and uh getting people who were in the twenty five to thirty four year old doug group is really the important aspect of creating an environment for the labour market that's going to last into into years and decades i'm this i'm quite surprised at how rapidly corporations have responded to the to the tax bill as talking our friend dug holds egan yet to our audience uh republican adviser former director of the congressional budget office you know he's a conservatively and calmness is no crazy guy he's a numbers guy anyway dougie was sang uh with respect to repatriation and other aspects of the bill the lower tax rate for example 100 percent spending the test is will it be put into use quickly or not and the thing that amazes me i've been around a while so of you i've never seen a response so fast and deep to attach gut even the reagan tax cut so to me the early returns are a resounding yes this must have been a good bill because all these companies are using it they are i i'm not sure if the repatriation aspect of it i you know the b again we've had experience uh with repatriation in the past and repatriation can have a very strong effect when you have tight capital markets where firms are starved for money uh that's less the case right now so you know obviously it's going to be a positive effect but i don't see the repatriation aspect of it is being the the key ingredient to me the key ingredient is simply the fact that you've raised the return to capitol which makes it more profitable to invest in the united states irrespective of whether that was apple sitting overseas before whether it's sitting here whether it's people who were consuming and now say it's better to invest to save and invest uh or whether it's a german who was thinking about investing in zeman's now he says i'm an invest in g e so all of those things have been working in a positive direction i think that the point coming back eat what you just said though about how it's it's operated so quickly.

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