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Elliot's made two starts he is giving up one earned run in eleven innings zero eight to earn run average, sadly as well as he's pitched in two starts the reds have not scored when he's been on the mound. Have not scored a run for him. When he's been in the game. No record zero eight two earned run average. He seems to be holding down the fort for Alex. Would who's getting closer to resuming throwing? And then the next step would be a rehab assignment. You would think he would need in considering this injury happened in spring training. You you would think he would need at least three innings or three rehab starts. You would think rebuild some arm. Strength. Get the pitch count up. So that opportunity figures to play out a little bit longer for Tyler, Molly. And I've heard answered some by Email and tweets and Facebook posted who's to say he doesn't take the spot of Anthony disco funny when it's all said and done Anthony, certainly has to pitch better the opposition tonight for the dodgers, the thirty one year old right hander Kenta Maeda. He's two in one with a four seven six earned run average. But here's your significant news of the day for the reds last night. David bell really shook things up and threw everybody for a loop. When the lineup came out and Kurt Caselli was leading off the catcher first time since nineteen hundred a catcher has led off. The Cincinnati Reds tonight through everybody else for another loop. Joey Votto leads off tonight. This is the seven hundred seventy fifth major league start for Joey Votto. This will be the second time ever. He is hit leadoff. The first time was June eighteenth two thousand eight against the dodgers and Derek Lowe, Joey Votto, went one for four that day tonight. He will do it again. Your lineup. Vodka Suarez Winker Winker playing centerfield tonight. Puig Kemp Dietrich Dietrich plays second base back after taking the pitch off his his ankle on Sunday in Monterey. Bottom of the order. Peraza goes to short aren't hurt behind the plate Tyler Molly on the mound. So no, Scott shetler. No, Jose Iglesias. If you're wondering if you are asking why why would Joey Votto be batting leadoff. Let me give you a couple of reasons he is the best on this team getting on base. He may not be at this very moment in terms of on-base percentage, but for career for back to the baseball card. He is the most disciplined hitter on this team in the best at getting on base. So it's not far fetched that David bell would roll these days. Let's also understand they need to get this offense going. They've scored fifty five runs in fifteen games. That's about three point six runs per game. The average major league team averages four point seven there a full run. Plus off the pace of an average major league team. The average team has scored seventy five runs. The reds have scored fifty five runs. They gotta get the offense going, and if Joey Votto can give them a jolt of the top of the order who's to resist trying that if David bell moving Joey Votto, Toledo spot gives Joey Votto a jolt. What's wrong doing that? The fact is and I said this earlier this team needs its best player to carry this team joy out their best player. He's hitting two forty his on base percentages for him a pedestrian three thirty three he striking out at the highest rate of his career. His walk rate is low. In fact, I wrote it down Joey Votto has one walk in his last three games. He has to walks in his last seven starts, that's unbought alike. It's interesting I play around with the Joey Votto numbers, and I know Joey. Looks at numbers. Like this. His launch angle not to go all sabermetrics on you launch angle the angle at which he swings. I don't want to go to deep here. Let me just explain it. This way the launch angle is the highest it's been of his career. It's a significant jump from year ago. The angle at which he would swing the bat a year ago was at eight eleven percent angle this year, it's seventeen that's a sizable jump for Joey Votto, exit velocity. How hard it's coming off the bat he ranks one hundred twentieth. Major league baseball. I means there's a hundred nineteen guys hitting the ball herder than Joey Votto. I can't give you an explanation beyond that. But I think David bells hope is I need to jump start my offense. And I need to jumpstart Joey Votto to this point the leadoff hitter. Spot for the reds. No matter who it's been the leadoff hitter is banning one ninety for the reds and getting on base. Twenty seven percent of the time. David's going to try something different tonight. I can't wait to find out. How.

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