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By the exterior of the stadium where are inside Hollywood park in order to have all kinds of greenery in in different buildings I think that's gonna be under construction for a little bit longer but the stadium should be done it's just this is probably one of the worst years open stadium in just because I don't see I don't know that we're gonna have to stand in stadiums when the season began them this primetime game between the rams and cowboys on Sunday night all week long it's going to help but a different feel with no fans in the stadium so not great timing for the rams or Chargers or raiders for that matter talk to me about the the reaction to I'm just gonna say these god awful uniforms how yes I know it doesn't matter we're talking football but look good play good and and it and I can't imagine any of these guys are going to feel good about walking out there and some bone colored uniforms which by the way have white stripes on them according to some stuff I've seen on Madden they just like can't even pick to go off white and and clearly they also heard about the off white you know fashion brand and decided to do that with the patch or something what what the hell happened with those I mean it is such an embarrassment now we were stuck with the worst uniforms in the NFL outside of the great throwbacks at the rams have when they had the mismatched stuff that they brought over from Saint Louis but wanted to go with the white helmets and then they got to this nonsense I mean is someone's head at least gonna roll for this I I know we should be written for people to lose their jobs but how can the rams look this bad consistently year in year out when there's such a great logo such a great helmet or had a great logo and they they had a great opportunity with the spring break and they should have just stuck to the throwbacks updated them a little bit get rid of that does great numbers I can't stand them and then the white await throwbacks that they that they used to wear in the in the Cold War days old days with a white with a yellow and blue shelter and and the horns this looks so good and I don't understand why they just go back to that an update a little bit but this bone color it's gonna look like turning thirty laundry I don't know why they would put a white and the yellow stripes down the hospital's owners yeah I mean it just doesn't go with off white you need you need some blue and they're a little more blue I know the numbers are coming but it just it didn't it didn't happen supposedly I would say that more people like the uniforms the logo's all given that by the overwhelm the overwhelming majority I would say a fans kind of largest mac or is like the uniforms a lot they're still a contingent of people out there who like government in there they like this whole rebranding this update in the new house I would say the new helmets are kind of cool I'm not sure about the broken cord but the color of is really sweet what we'll see when they're on the field I'm sure it'll kind of go over a little bit but in five years I would be surprised if they return again and come out with a little bit something different or maybe go back to the roots like the box date and yeah in the Browns really that's kind of what what hits home the best with the fans nowadays it's it's funny I I I I I agree with you one hundred percent on terms it just didn't don't overthink it here in the rams you could argue that the entire rams ethos is overthinking it you look at how the in house free they've been to not lose a player you know that it gave golf the money a it's hard to argue with Aaron Donald's money but you know with with everybody that they've kind of overpaid I mean there there has been a level of of fear and and in a lot of times fears just overthinking it so maybe that's just their general ethos and I I don't think it's gonna work out well for me personally but who knows you know NFL's crazy like that one more for campus over here on the sports the leader okay forty Niners rams if it comes down to it I have a look at the schedule in a minute but let's just say that the the division comes down to it how do the rams beat the forty Niners and how to the forty Niners beat the rams how do you see that match up one on one yeah it's an interesting matchup because the rams run the search I'm not sure where it's gonna be like that defensive line looks pretty good with Donald and Michael Brockers nation Robinson but the linebackers are not very good so I would think that the forty Niners would have some success running the ball against them I I think the coroner's offices it's pretty explosive considering how often they do run the ball it's not like there this past happy along with the heat down field offense like the chiefs and like the rams were a few years ago but their offense is really difficult matchups for the rams as far as the rams offense including the forty Niners it's about something that pass rush because if you can't do that you're not gonna do anything you're not gonna run the ball gets up front very easily their linebackers are really really good too behind that defensive line so it's gonna come down to the blocking the pass rusher giving off enough time and and hoping that these wide receivers can't get open in time before golf as Nick Bosa in that space it's it's simple and complicated the same time I lied came I got one more for you where we're at as it looks right now and again we don't know what the hell's going to go on and in the next twenty four hours much less the next twenty four weeks or so but.

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