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Always count on your neighbors dig through the mass and build you back up again labour's helping neighbors that's what it's all about a message from penny mustard furnishings traffic and weather and then Jeff levering and John we got a pretty good ridership in about their westbound ninety four is at seventeen minutes downtown highway sixteen forty one south on looking good fifteen minutes there from my way to do this north outside looks good as well between the two and get help ten minutes so called forty three ground zero to mark Kendall B. twelve with another thirteen from downtown all the way to Ryan rose the traffic and weather together on the tense I've got a lot of got WTMJ palette of you I got contacted for traffic WTMJ five day forecast for tonight it's going to be cloudy with a low of thirty six tomorrow cloudy with a high of fifty Thursday cloudy mild high of fifty eight and on Friday rain at night high sixties Saturday mild high of fifty two degrees it is currently thirty six you're listening to Wisconsin's afternoon news WTMJ the the school and he is the best these rivers run caster Jeff levering hi Jeff how are you I am doing fine things considering everything that's going on Hey I want to give people a peek behind the curtain so I debated whether I was going to do this but your schedule to join us at three thirty for the last twenty minutes I was so excited I can't second Jeff levering will be with us in nice nice until three thirty former cure settle down a little bit and then I was in a hurry to send out a tweet saying you were going to join us but I was excited I didn't tag you in the tweet and I said if people have questions please reach out and you responded.

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