Venice, Donald Trump, TOM discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Who understands that it was some democrats who got us here in venice on both sides of the aisle got us here and got us to trump because they didn't live up to their ideals but how do we get to a place where our democracy and the fragile beauty of it is respected again joe's lettuce column for the washington post is entitled democrats may be in for a surprise in twenty eighteen and he writes in part this for much of trump's rain over republicans party members got little more from their dance with the donald than a supreme court appointment but as trump corinn's toward his first midterm test in november democrats should understand that they are in for a fight the blundering billionaire has actually begun to fill his political trophy case with victories sure to inspire the conservative base their talking points can also include massive tax cuts a bigger military budget regulatory reform other wedge issue winners include the planned withdrawal from the paris climate accords scrapping of the iran nuclear deal undermining obamacare add to that the mocking of political correctness and identity politics and you have a platform sure to inspire the activists who dr today's republican party unless democrats find their voice and i'll turn it to trump's bleak agenda his pathetic populace stick may do the trick this fall and that is the fear that we don't really understand exactly how to deal with him because i don't think leaders on both sides of the aisle tom have been perfect and that's why we're here have been perfect in terms of respecting our constitutional norms and respecting the difference between right and wrong and keeping their promises.

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