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Extra point season back injury at back surgery. He wasn't able to kick as much as he wanted. I asked him how he was feeling how his timing was. And you know look. He didn't seem that confident. Allen chris he just said i'm trying to feel my way a little bit. He didn't kick much games. That all in the preseason so it seemed to me he was just a little bit off and percent confidence more tom. I'm kind of stunned. That michelle to foia would be that frank about greg's airline on the broadcasts last week. God not stunned by frankness. As i am by the coaching staff pushing him out there and knowing that he was in the shape and just going with him and and you know cutting his competition in camp and not having competition. There wasn't there wasn't bill no competition. They just didn't have anybody there in case he wasn't ready to go coming off surgery. I mean of all the the coaching decisions meet so may seem so far this year. This one seems like the worst With the most obvious red flags why this was not the way to go to not be prepared for him to not be one hundred percent for this game. I mean there's a good argued. Remade that special teams lost this game for the cowboys. Airline was a big part of it. Not only in the fact that he was missing field goals and extra points. The the buccaneers had three cut. A kickoff returns for ninety two yards. And that happens. When you're kicker is available to put it into the end zone so football. Outsiders released rankings today. Tom cowboys offense ranked eighth not a surprise. We really efficient performance defense twenty-second. I mean whatever. They were playing the box. We all kind of anticipated that. Tony the dallas cowboys special teams from delay perspective ranked thirty second. Which is the nice way to say. The bad way is to say dead last And a lot of the problems can be traced to greg's airline and tom's right the cowboys seemingly pushed him out. Meg mentioned it to jerry. Jones said this morning. I one zero five three the fan that he is still getting in the groove. Why why is he out there. I mean if the group hasn't been established you know why. Why is he. You know this this this to me. Tony feels like they're trying to walk this back now. They're trying to convince us like aol. He was hurt. What did you expect what we expected you to make the right decision. That's expected i don't really loved the the hindsight know point of view of it right. I mean if greg's zarin line wasn't gonna be ready for week. One should have been a contingency plan. It should have been ready to you know. Pull the safety hatch if need be and you know. He didn't really kick at all. I mean he didn't really kick through training camp he got off the pup list and it's and even through the preseason games are like this is you know this is not ideal we not. Many teams are going through Preseason training camp without having their kicker make field goals in iran. Its ugly head in the first game. I mean beyond the kickoffs. He la four points on the field and you lose by two and you do the math and you just figured like the type of impact. We had in this game yesterday on monday. Tom pal sarah from nfl network. Who we know. It's tight with mccarthy. Was the author of the mccarthy projects. And i don't think we've put enough stock into this. Tom pillow got an exclusive one. On one with nachos mike mccarthy by also dak prescott while in oxnard at training camp so again They are the best of friends Baton pillow cerro again seemingly doing the mccarthy said. Serlin had some uncharacteristic mrs last week. I don't think that's uncharacteristic at all prior to last week against the buccaneers greg's had missed an enormous amount of kicks for the dallas cowboys last season in sixteen games. He missed a kick in seven of them. These now missed a kick in eight of seventeen games while a member of the dallas cowboys. Do you subscribe to the notion that this is. This is nepotism for lack of a better. This john fossils guy so the cowboys wanted support him despite whatever the cost may be even if they are sacrificing a potential win on the road against the world champs. I mean it definitely is nepotism. I don't subscribe to it. You subscribe to that it's happening. You're not autism. And the fact that they're going so far as to say it's uncharacteristic sure. I wanna give them more time. Sure you should have actually given him more time in. Had someone at least start this season if your guys not ready off the back surgery baxter's of big deal. I mean just ask really any cowboys star player over the last decade Unfortunately tom the question from mad cat. Catering i don't know if this is an actual place and establishment if it is i think we should check it out like if there's a you know some baked goods. We can work on here but right exactly tom. The question for mad cow cake is llerena any better. I wanna butcher this now and forevermore but the cowboys on monday brought the rim harrell who back to their practice squad again technically competition. You were the one who called that. I know you did it somewhat ingest but i mean this is not you know kai forbath ten ten during three games that he played with the guy was in two thousand nine hundred. That's not the answer. I'm not saying that. But the point is that clicker is can be found is rim that guy in your mind or do we need to find out if he's back at least hopefully on is going to be better this week soon. They won't need to worry about that. But yeah you know what. What assurances do we have that. It's certainly an open question. And i would have to say we'll firsov lorraine's probably a lot healthier. Maybe it would be worth trying to a to put somebody out there just because we saw what happened in baby gives her line a right on the ira just to let him get healthy and get ready to go. And i know that that upset you. Because i think that would really upset me. That would be like a glaring admission of failure. If they were to iron it would be. It would be like an atonement right. It would be them. You know doing the right thing but it would really speak to the hubris that was involved in the decision-making when roster cutdown initially well better to admit your failure. Do something about it than just keep failing and your wise lawyers in time mookie. You're you're a better person than i am. That's a great point but also a great point from chris. Randall tony That one in four four in the reds excuse me is not good either. The cowboys relied on. Greg's align after coming up short in the red zone in fact you could argue that you said you know. The game was lost on the four points he squandered. I don't know that anybody really counts the end of that first half fuel against their line but you could also argue that the game was lost. The four points to the cowboys did not get With a touchdown after the trayvon digs interception..

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