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His ashes, of course, were put on the moon by the lunar prospector. He's the only person who's ashes runny celestial body outside of the planet. I think he knew a lot about I didn't know you knew him that. Well, well, in the sense of being at a conference in talking with him at in that way that you do with people when you're bonded by something. Like, this asteroid, these pieces colliding into Jupiter, and I had been sitting next to the the other Levi and his mom and where everybody I'm was a reporter. And there were reporters mixed up with the scientists. And it was just I remember that day. It was the way you wish the world were no secrets everything that's possible to learn and you're all talking, and you are enjoying the intellectual. Stimulating. And it was just oh God. It was so fun. That's why it's stood out so dramatically because we had all been so wonderfully. Everybody was so warm and happy and having champagne so for me to see him completely change a hundred and eighty degrees. But I as a reporter asked him wasn't clementine supposed to graph every inches the moon and that we should be seeing the back side of the moon. That's why I was asking where are the photos of the back side of the moon, his visible nervousness, and shutdown has to be related to the fact that there is by every account that I've ever heard from anybody who should know there is an alien or several bases on the back side of the moon and on the inside of the moon and Duckie's going back to the seventies member. The Brian Scott case. I talked with Ryan Frazier who took Brian Scott. Down to Peru to go to the gate of the sun where he turned into this Voltaren character and up into that time. Brian Scott is Brian Scott had even at his home. He had done these weird voices and Thelma moss at the university of California was studying him. And there was a lot of interest in Brian Scott. Well, they go to Peru and Brian Frazier who got him down to Peru and who kept in touch with me both before and after that trip. Said that one of the most I guess vivid. Now, we.

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