President Trump, Fraud, Harassment discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Paint him as antiwoman they want to paint him as as as defending wife abuse and women of your this is what they do this is who they are they are a despicable unconscionable bunch of hyenas the trump i just told you how they treaty clinton and look at this jilib oh he wants due process for border why don't you come up here mr president will give you do process this fraud this phony who's now politicized sexual harassment to advance our own pause that's right i said it because she can't pay right next to the bill clinton time and again she took his support he helped to raise money she knew he'd been accused the rate incredibly so she knew he been accused of assaulting women in the oval office and credibly so she knew about the blue dress she knew he lost his law license she knew he was howling content and right into and through that 2016 she was as closely clinton as he can come and now she's in charge of who gets punished and who doesn't i'll not my world not my life i'll give you another example never an hour to a guy said he ever hear tom carper well if you live in delaware you've heard a tom carper for sure he's your senior senator it was a congressman from delaware he was governor of delaware he's a senator from delaware and he's a buddy with joe biden mr tough guy the older joe gets the stupid or he gets in that same something since he's been stupid a for a very very long time tom carper free beacon tom carper admitted the hitting his wife in 1998 senator tom carper delaware admitted to slapping his wife in the 1988 interview with a veteran political journalists in the state confirming an accusation he denied when first running for congress fact he gave her a black guy now she since passed away his my understanding but he's still united states senator let me explain something d of tom carper wanted to work in the executive branch he'd have to go through an fbi background check and that would come up on his fbi background check after six months they presented to the president let's say was going to be chief of staff to this president.

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