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My compadres on. Thomas woulda boom clap stoker's and we're here with the actor producer ron perlman honor to have you on the podcast. Thank you for joining us. I was told that never choice. So you know whatever daddy most people said nah. I said Out of this and they said fucking out so here. I appreciate that. Thank my people at big shout out. Patrick right seems like a good deed. He's older people right there. One in one to syllable phrase a gas tight It depends on what they ask chair. Patrick is tight. You know we is good people. He's who's your best friend in the whole world My girl that. I'm living with that's nice. I how many other Couple of years is going through a rough patch right now with my girlfriend. Well i i have a business on the side. I can fix that. And i won't. I won't even charge full price. What's the biz. I just said you know advice. The lovelorn should like that. Yeah that's that's what we do on here. We give a lot of advice to the lovelorn. It's it's it's hard to be. Check your on advice every now and again bro. All right yeah just gotta say would you would you. What would you say you see. I don't know. I've counseled a lot of people and i don't know what the answer is. I think the answer is to wait and see is is hard when it's you yeah. I think it's just wait and see right just a just hanging there and just do the best you can. And if it's meant to be it'll be kind of all those truisms that i think are so cliche there. Actually there's a lot of validity in them right. You just gotta kinda. It's it's a. It's a fortune cookie kind of reality. Yeah what's have you gotten any really good advice on love that you kind of have or but it seems like every relationship you need new advice right because everyone of them so distinct. Now i you know i mean i find that People's opinions about love. Our best equate useless. It's it's it's such a subjective sort of thing it's so a the'real you know there is no it's you know it's like oxygen you know you can't see it or feel it you just know it's there when it is and so you know i mean you know the this centuries and centuries of poetry great music and stuff while about teeth kicked in through good through the through the oregon. That's you know Mistakenly called the heart and i i'm a huge fan of saloon songs. All of which are generated by the problems that exist between lovers and the The the chaos that it can invite. And when i hear these songs i recognize them as things that i have experienced. What this wind. No is guys who write these. Things are not writing. I'm just to write a song. They're digging down into the deep well of their own experience. But that doesn't effort prevent me from meghan the same fucking mistakes over and over stepping into the same quicksand over the same brought some children of my own dick so there you have been. It's not something you can take your class for. Okay got this now. I got what else you go right. Is there anybody know or in in your life. That has a good grasp on on. Love her do you find that. Most people are always kind of searching for your just kind of Sort of walking through the dark trying to figure it out. I think it's a very kind of mercurial and elusive thing. You know it's one of those It's like holding onto a bird. You know if you if you hold onto hard you damage it but if you hold onto a to saucer flies away and it's always like exercising in You have to take so much out of it in order to really get into it. You have to take out your ego you have to take out your desire to control things Then you have a shot at Experiencing the things that are beautiful about going places that love will take you Without deciding this is my agenda. Numidian you i think i mean i'm just riffing. I had no idea you're gonna ask you to sit on. Frankly now ribbon jubilant much thought. So i'm just i'm just bullshitting you right now but gone of please please. It's helping me. Like i got nowhere to be for at.

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