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After members debated articles for most of the day yesterday and didn't cross the finish line John Laurence reports after fourteen hours of debate house judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler calls a sudden timeout before taking final votes the committee is in recess G. O. P. ranking member Doug Collins immediately voiced his opposition you chose not to consult the ranking member on a schedule issue of this magnitude so typical this is the killer this is a kangaroo court they were talking about one major result of Nadler's last minute delay the votes weren't taken in the middle of the night we want to do it in broad daylight so first thing in the morning so everyone can see exactly what's going on Republicans say this move was a case of show boating Collins was less than pleased with that first time out we didn't know we had plenty of more members and other things we could have often been here all night we chose to say we set all we need to say they said all in the same we're finishing is a that was the most lack of integrity thing I've ever seen by a member of especially a chairman another result of narratives move no additional amendments can be offered which means no more debating Friday's vote is expected to go along party lines a full house vote on the articles is expected next week if president trump is impeached the matter then goes to the GOP led Senate I'm John Lawrence the topic continues at twenty one till with Jim Bohannon we're talking with John Malcolm vice president for the institute for constitutional government and director of the center for legal and judicial studies at the heritage foundation online at heritage dot org and that in a way it's it's it's it's rather sad to all this is so predictable then they'll be a house vote before Christmas which will be largely party lines the president will be impeached and the new year will start off with a Senate trial in which bar nibbles block buster of revelations there will be an acquittal of the president it does seem rather odd that deserves everybody knows this dance step we have to practice it anyway yeah look but I I think this is a real shame so sue the Jerry Nadler who is presiding over there the hearing is going on now should meet the same Jerry Nadler who said in nineteen ninety eight when we were talking with the Clinton impeachment hearing you said the following there must never be a narrowly voted impeachment when impeachment is supported by one of our major political parties and opposed by the other such an impeachment will produce divisiveness and bitterness in our politics for years to come and will call into question the very legitimacy of our political institutions I wish that did today's hearing now that would listen to that turned out there but we are have been parked down this road and is it's going to and exactly the way you just said there will be an almost exclusively party line vote to impeach the president in the house and it will be an almost exclusively of not exclusively party line vote to acquit him in the Senate looking ahead to that the Senate trial and it is easy to do that of course because all that we have just said it is barring a stroke of lightning is exactly what's going to happen the Senate trial other been various reports there have been reports that the senator Mitch McConnell of Majority Leader who will call the shots and again the constitution gives Congress the house pretty much total discretion in impeaching the Senate pretty much total discretion in conducting the trial of McConnell is reported to be in favor of a slam bam thank you madam speaker approach to get out of the way that we can improve the new nafta and a host of other things the president I've heard reports is in favor of more of a show trial the Democrats were so happy with what they've done let's let the whole country see exactly what it is that they have done that I heard another report that said well no maybe the president's now leaning more toward the Mitch McConnell idea of get out of the way what difference would it make whether it is a lengthy trial or a quickie trial in the Senate well the result will end up being the same in all likelihood he will end up being acquitted and not removed I mean look I think that senator McCain all is saying you know trials are unpredictable things in some of the senators including Republican senators are a little bit unpredictable to the votes aren't there now we know the votes aren't there now let and this and go about the task of getting your reelected in getting these Republican senators re elected the president would like to be able to to show the how unfair this is Britney love to hear from hunter Biden on others for you not only don't know exactly what the hunter Biden's of the world would have to say but that might also give the Democrats a chance to call people like John Bolton Mick Mulvaney you don't know exactly what they're going to say so I think at the end of the day McConnell gets to set the terms of a lender probably be shorter than the president would like but we'll see is there any likelihood at all of the Democrats have an advantage to keep secret a lightning bolt an absolute bomb shell that that we've not heard a word about during the house intelligence committee hearings nor the house Judiciary Committee hearings they're going to drop it at the Senate trial in hopes of swaying awful lot of Senate Republicans it would take twenty of them have to go along with the the forty seven Democrats do you think there's any possibility of that kind of a bomb shell as it being hidden out there I have a hard time imagining that that could possibly be the case but then again if you had told me when Brett Kavanaugh is having his confirmation hearing that there was a woman named Christine Blazey Ford out there I would have said no way same thing with Anita hill and Clarence Thomas so I have a very hard time imagining that particularly since is already been tried before the house intelligence committee but yeah you know I I knew in Washington I.

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