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They don't they don't bring anything to the, the problem. I see from the just I'm we're going to take ball, and go home route the to say that there's a brotherhood of sisterhood of return to your sorority of all these college administrators, and just because Stanford in SE and whomever or in a financial position to right away. Just are paying players doesn't mean those lower rank schools, that sometimes we still play, like a western Michigan university, for instance is in the same position. And so you need to be mindful of the financial differences between the top tier school Lawrence here school. And when you have these conversations you need to incorporate that I'm not saying that western can't play. Right. But they're not a position to just are paying next season. They, they need a little bit more of. Runway western Michigan wouldn't be in this quote unquote new league. Now they can play a c. I will give him money. Like we did last time we played them so scrap money. We, we two million dollars. Ask it wasn't a scrap win. Western comes way, it was hot when western comes out to play SE cuts, check here, here's your is your seventy thousand go home. Run your program for the year on that we just pay you and Mr. gore, go back home. See that's here you go. Cut to the white. But here's but, but Travis though, what does western do that two million dollars, right? They put it in a program to coaches pay the players. Yes. Now you're saying, oh, now, western gets to pay their players. But now central Michigan camp. Okay. Schedule. Because they give heyday got the right to anyway. All I'm saying is, is that as we're having this debate the idea that we're just going to do this with no respect to the process for tier schools? We have to have that sort of respect because where they are financially just totally different than the other school that basically what you're doing is you're creating tears your creating tier where there's Chapman in playing one school. And then UCLA is playing the other divisions, get smaller the top instead of having how many division one football scores. I think there's, like one hundred twenty you'd have thirty maybe thirty five or forty you wouldn't have a bunch, but those thirty five or forty are running their own thing. The rest of these guys can still operate under the NC double A and use the money from those top thirty to fund their program. We're talking about money. Breaking news. Kevin Durant has declined his thirty one million dollar option according to ESPN wold Rosh. Yeah..

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