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Don't. I mean, you you're relying on that shot making. I don't really. I don't know how to say this without just saying it. I'm just going to disappoint and it's a lot of Harrison's output, even with a Riga going down. I feel like we're not saying enough from her. And maybe that's not on her, but maybe it's coaching, but still you have talented guards outside of her rique. Alicia gray, I mean, you're just going to need to play generally close to perfect. Your margin for error is so small against a team like Connecticut or the aces in the first round. And I just don't think they have enough talent to keep up with either of those teams. So defensively, they've actually been a lot better. In the last few games, so if they can replicate that kind of structure and keep their same pace, they have a shot of staying in these games, but I don't know, I feel like they're running into a buzz all with the Connecticut sun. My hopes aren't high for them. Calvin, before you have to go? Yeah, well, I think Eileen squarely between you gave in the general public narrative in terms of a riquet in her absence effect on Dallas because no, I don't think Dallas has a better chance to win and is an overall better team without a rique. But I do think today I was point, they might be better on defense without a riquet and they're certain situations where they're better without a riquet. But to me, in the playoffs, right, exactly. That shouts to Veronica Burton, but in the playoffs, I mean, we hear this talk on the NBA all the time and I've seen stats on it. I haven't seen stats in the W but I imagine it seems like the same thing if someone's got stats, let me know. You need a player like that even more so in the playoffs who can go get you a bucket, late clock situation, and especially if you're a team like the wings who if you pull an upset, you're not going to win by 20, right? If the wings win, they're going to be winning a close game, right? And you're going to be you're going to need a player down the stretch, a closer who can go just one on one, get you a bucket at the end. It's why that narrative before the bucks on the championship about well, maybe Giannis isn't the closer. Well, they need course Middleton to be the closer, because Chris Middleton is the guy who can go get the bucket one on one, right? And so in the playoffs, I think a riquet's presence would be really important. Obviously hopefully if they do pull enough that she can come back, who knows, but I do think the Dallas chances to make a run definitely take a hit without her. But they've been awesome as road belts. We've talked about it a lot. You know, just from a betting perspective against the spread, there are 20 and 8 over the last two seasons as road dogs. They're gonna be road dogs. So who knows? I do think they steal one of the first two in Connecticut or maybe in Las Vegas, wherever it ends up. I could see it. I could see them stealing one. I can't see them win the series, and that's exactly for what you said. That exact reasoning is why I don't think. Now Marina mabry, she has it in. She's got to she's got that dog in her. She's got that dog in her. And so maybe and I really appreciate it with a leash grey has done this season. But I think this team is slacking that one. That players get you the bucket at the end of the game. And I think, you know, just to one more thing on Enrique is like, I think the reason they look a little bit better without a rique is like you're saying like they do have a little bit more defensive talent on the floor, but also they just have a point guard on the floor. At all times. This is not something that has happened with the rique for whatever reason because their personalities just not suited for that. And I think that's something they're going to have to keep in mind in the off season. It's like, wow, Tyra mccown looks a lot better because there's a point guard on the floor. Everyone's looks a lot better than there's a real point guard on the floor and ty Harris has stepped up Veronica Burton has stepped up. We'll see how they do in the playoffs and how that affects the team going forward. But this has been outside of obviously you never want to see someone get an injury. It's been a positive stretch for Dallas. And I think they'll be able to figure out and hopefully when the recount comes back next year, they can have a team around here that can push that you can help push into the playoffs and then we can have the discussion of whether she's a floor razor or whatever ceiling razor. I don't know. I don't know. But guys, all right, Calvin has to go because he's big time. Superstar. We'll take our lead two. We've been here for an hour. It's been super fun hanging out with you guys. Thanks for everyone who commented. Larry Carter, sky shows everywhere. I know you're here. Balanced sports. Thanks for commenting. We really appreciate it. Subscribe to the channel and subscribe to spread the floor. Next week, we're gonna be doing playoff previews, still figuring out how that's gonna look. I match what we're doing one here on the her hoops. That's podcast. I mean, Christy, and then we'll do one on spread the four with all of our friends here talking betting and giving you good advice giving you winners for the playoffs. So you all have a great day and we will talk to you very soon.

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