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Of risk in. Actual results may vary. Cable ex news. I'm Michael Cal Hoon for the third time in recent weeks. A homeless person has died in the city of Saint Louis. The latest victim a man in his thirties was found dead Wednesday night inside an abandoned church north of downtown this man lives with some twenty others in that church the downstairs area, there's not too many. They come and go, but they do drugs down there in a believe they're doing some kind of bad heroin or something that was my understanding what he died from us up here. We don't do drugs on Christmas day a homeless man was found dead in a vacant lot near Milan fee and thirteenth street and the day after Christmas. A homeless woman was found dead inside the abandoned car school medicine county, Illinois, set a new record for drug related deaths in two thousand eighteen kmarts is Brett bloom has more corner. Steve non tells kmox news that for the first time drug deaths in Madison County reached triple digits that breaks the record of ninety one set back in two thousand fourteen. And non points out that the circumstances surrounding those deaths has completely changed in that time, which absolutely shifted in in two thousand fourteen when you had those ninety one desk, those were mostly heroin douse this year in two thousand eighteen none of them were heroin. Only sentinel is absolutely taken hold of the nation. And he says that's reflected in the local members as well other. You're a numbers from the coroner's report show nine murders. Forty-five suicides one hundred sixty deaths in accidents in Madison County last year in KOMO exports. Nine minutes to go in the third the blues.

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