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All right, good evening. And welcome to the really big barbecues that to a child. They all that talk about all things important the world to barbecue and Grilling but you knew them and move and it's for Tuesday in the month. And that means we're wrapping up the origin stories tonight promises to be perhaps way longer than two hours are Christmas coming up in just a few seconds Rusty Monson leads the second hour. And when we're done with Rusty we will get in with Doug shining John Solberg is off the seasoning, but don't worry. We will catch up with him. We just wish him and his family. Well, I'm thinking about you and I'll leave us that without any further Ado. We re still the hotline and bring back friend of the show and barbecue sauce will show guest Hall of Famer Derek Richard Seder. Hey Greg, how you doing? I'm fine and man. I'm excited to have you as we get ready to wrap up the month of origin stories. I didn't necessarily plan it like this but thought why don't we go through and get the whole kit and caboodle of these regular guests and if it proves to be something that's interesting. Maybe I'll start tracking down some of the other barbecue luminaries and doing these bonus content type things. So we'll close out the month strong with you here in the first hour or so. We'll get in the first handful of minutes here on a break and then we'll get into the two longer interview segments as normal. So talk to us right from the beginning Derek. When were you born and where were you born? I was born a long time ago joined the club longer every year right? Actually, my birthday was Saturday really happy birthday. All right off 1966. All right, I was born on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, Utah. So you were a Utah born-and-bred pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. I think we go back about four generations. They're so same place or like within the same region or did you move up and down the state? That I move around. I mean like the family of four generations not not far now they did not for not people that went anywhere. All right. Nice. I think my you know, I don't think oh, yeah, I mean, it's like my dad died probably five miles from where he was born. Really? Yeah. Wow. All right, they're not Travelers I get that. So what family life like growing up for you before the high school years, you know those formative years of a young Derek riches ankle-biter dining room. grew up kind of like Then in a little house, it was like right on the edge of the Wasatch mountains about a fifteen-minute walk. You be at a Trailhead so you can just you know, take off go hiking so off of my kids might childhood was spent, you know in the mountains and traveling, you know around there fishing hiking hunting, you know from when I gave birth day is most of my birthday's as a kid were spent at Deer Hunt. I mean, right so, you know that was kind of instead of that. Is that a different life growing up? I mean, I certainly wasn't near any big city as I was growing up for what I can recollect Saratoga Springs New York. So Upstate New York, certainly I was around month but no real ass mountains like you were around. Yeah. Those are held right? So is it something that as you talk to people and get to know them they have similar life? Variances growing up in that kind of an area or you more the exception to the rule. I don't you know, I mean, that's the people that you know, I grew up with that was Elvis. There was a big thing. It's like, you know, they just always they literally I mean like the opening day of deer hunt was an actual holiday. I mean, it's not an official one, but everything was closed off and and the schools were closed cuz no one would be there. So, you know that horses are really big part of of just your your life home and you know, everybody had campers and RVs and Tents and stuff and you know people would clear out on the weekends, you know as a kid, it was kind of weird in you know, particularly around, you know in the summer and stuff. I mean if you're a home on a Saturday and you went to the store there was nobody there. You know versus now it's just like, you know always packed on the weekends right is everybody cleared out, you know, there was more congestion Friday nights getting out of town. Then there was, you know during rush hour from you know, it was just kind of the way it was back then it's changed. It's changed a lot over my lifetime cuz just you know, the whole area became much more urbanized and you know people just don't do that sort of thing, I guess anymore. Were you from a house Derek where your parents stayed together, but you were growing up. Yeah, my parents were both divorced before they married each other. Wow, so I have a different that's a job certainly wasn't commonplace, you know back then if they were both divorced and then you know married. I mean that's not something that you heard about a lot back then. Yeah. I was kind of an exception. I mean I I grew up in the not Mormon kid in a very Mormon neighborhood and state. Yeah. Yeah. No, it was worse than other places. But you know, I was I had a very odd family. I mean I was always say that I have I mean, I have two and half siblings and I actually have two brothers named Mike really so so, you know, it's so was the dynamic one of a blended family coming in like a dog Parents had kids respectively.

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