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That's all i'm saying like i think. Three or four of them could be really really good. But i think justin field is going to be like hall of fame type. Good i really do. I also think trae lands could end up being really good. I don't really know about zack. Wilson yet. But i do agree with stugatz that i think those two guys are the guys to watch this fall and i also think trevor lawrence is going to have a much tougher time as the starter in jacksonville because he has much higher expectations and less to work with than just feels does in chicago. So i love tree lance as a prospect but have we seen him play outside of one game right like only eighty yards. No no that's fine. I'm saying college production right. Like he barely won covert showcase now one game. They didn't play. They played the one game and the rest is. All we know is highlight is hype. Yeah but if we're going to grade this class we all assume lawrence. It's gotta be good because of what we saw in college in the fact that he was taking number one. Justin fields obviously has a lot of hoopla surrounding him. Zach wilson harder to trust because he kind of came out of nowhere and he's with the jets. I'm though yeah. But i'm gonna differ trusting kyle shanahan with a quarterback. I think he's in the best situation just because he makes it man. I saw brian. Hoyer put up a really good season. Jimmy garoppolo made it to a super bowl. I in that ryan and an mvp season under kyle. Shanahan that guy to me is one of the more brilliant offense of mine and he's gonna make a real easy for a quarterback. Ray leads is probably falling into the best situation. Rookie quarterback has ever fought into a mike. You're so right about that. He is falling into the perfect situation on a team. That is two years removed from being a quarter away. A quarter away from winning the super bowl now. He's got what everyone considers to be the best offensive line in the nfl. He traded up with miami pig. They had a bad year last year but they were so hurt last year. This is a team that was in the super bowl just before the pandemic started they were leading in the fourth quarter. Yes and they're they're really built for success. It's a great situation. I'm sure if we went through the annals of time. We'd find a better situation for a rookie quarterback but it's dan could one. I'm not certain like a rookie quarterback. Mike go that high in the draft with a team. That's been that's two years removed from almost winning a super bowl with that coach. They got a really good. You're probably right but that's a really good situation for trae leads. Do you guys like like when you get a rookie quarterback do you like when the analysts are propping. Because brian baldinger. This zach wilson over the weekend. And i hate this right. He's prompted them up and say he gives three throws as to why jet fans should be super excited. About zack. wilson do me a favor. Shut up baldinger. i'm serious. Don't prop up my quarterback build up my expectations. Because you know what's going to happen. They're gonna come crashing down. Zach wilson of the five quarterbacks to me look the worst over the weekend at baldinger needs to come on three throws that jet fan should get excited over. Zach wilson get how about fifteen throws give me twenty throws. Give me thirty five throws how. 'bout stick that crooked finger with a son doesn't john what about that. I don't know what happened there. I got to look away. You also told them to come on but not wear the context where that conversation went. I'm kind of concerned where he's coming. I pull up a lot. Do when i was telling you like baker mayfield. I was like you have a quarterback. You have a quarterback at everyone's saying you have a quarterback. Did you enjoy that. Because i'm a torture jet. We never have a quarterback..

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