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A line of thinking and also very politically incorrect by today's standards, and that it was important to have that and show that difference because it was a way to say, you know, sometimes the pendulum swing so far, everyone is so hands off and afraid white gloves with everything. And then on the other side is the the that we've come a long way and want Teo, the more inclusive or more Open minded or understanding of of sensitive issues. And Johnny Lawrence has no my favorite lines is when he goes. I think it says something about little. I'm you know. On the spectrum he goes. Yeah, well, I don't know what that is, but get off of it. Oh, yeah. You know, it's just I mean, you're saying, Wow, That's really touchy did but it's done in his entertaining way that We all say, you know, we get that that's kind of that's kind of funny from the Lawrence perspective and understanding from the other perspective, and I think they they go. You know, they straddle that line pretty well. Yeah, it's so neat just to see a visual representation of different generations Having those conversations you know, on DH sort of Legitimizing the way that that grown ups. I'd have talked about things in the past way that kids see things now it's it's It's really neat. So one person that is missing from Cobra Kai eyes Pat Morita, the late great Pat Morita, the original Mr Miyagi, who died in 2005. Ralph, I'm wondering, I know that you are very close. And you have this at least that you were close. Professional. You have this beautiful chemistry on screen. I'm wondering what that loss was like for you. You know, it's bin has been over 10 10 years now. Ah pats and hasn't been with us and he, you know his legacy. Thankfully, we have that in his his work and certainly in the Portrayal of Mr Miyagi was just Ah, perfect match of the right actor in the right role, and I always call it a soulful magic is something that we had together on screen and Was very important to me that that was woven throughout. The Cobra Kai Siri's and continues to be Ah, presence in lieu Rousseau's life, although in the early part of this season, it's that sort of Mr Miyagi had passed about eight years. Prior. He you know, Pat was ah. You know, He's one of those guys that just that that knew that he had the opportunity of a lifetime and seized it and did not take it for granted. Did you guys keep in touch after he shot the movie? Ah, we did. He was always better at that than me. Because you know you're wiser and older and wiser. I was younger and you know, just doing what 20 something year old would be. And doing week we kept in touch. Certainly later on, I got to. Ah, a moment that was very special. I get Teo Lincoln Center in New York. I presented him with a lifetime achievement. A war of the Asian Excellence Awards at that Ah Lincoln Center and Ah, so I got to say everything I would ever want to say about him and our relationship in our on screen chemistry and our friendship. And that was about a year before he passed away, So I always go back to that is a cz. You know, you always want to turn back the clock and say the right things, but Of when someone passes. Ah, but for my sake, I got to say those things in a public forum and and and then I stayed in touch with him after after that, as well. Yeah, he would always I just get these phone calls in the middle of the night's A. You know, he call himself uncle Pop C or whatever you know he was a stand up comic is where he started a comedy at 30 years old. That's when he started. You know, trying Tio delving into the entertainment business and a happy days came after that. And then Mr Miyagi was the role that nobody wanted him for. Except a director, because everyone says it's Arnold from happy days. I mean, how is he going to play this great T whisk, Mr Miyagi? Well, he found the way you know that mixed from value is entertaining yet had all the breath and wait. You needed tohave, and that Mentor that what I call the human Yoda, Teo, the young Skywalker and the Karate Kid universe. Ralph Macchio. It's been such a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you. No, this is great, and I reach out everyone to check out the show. It's ah, It's a lot of it's a lot of fun. Lot of a lot of heart, Lotta soul, a lot of laughs and some kick ass action scenes. And you do mean kick. It wasn't hard to get your flex it. Did you have your flexibility back and it's still killing me. I just I just had my my trainer. It is tougher at 50 plus years old than it was when I was You know, 20. Definitely Gotta keep keep it limber. Keep it limber at something I'm thinking about in quarantine. How to keep keep those stretchers Go on Ralph Macchio talking about the high kicks. He's the original karate kid. Talking about returning to that rule. After more than 30 years, I spoke with him when his serious Cobra Kai premiered You confined seasons one and two on YouTube. And last month, Netflix announced that it is picking up the show for season.

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