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Us for Shabbat service that will reenact the old traditions. It's something you'll never forget. Go to stand with Israel tour dot com to reserve your spot Call 8555655519 that stand with Israel tour dot com. Aren't you ready to travel again? We are so come join us. Hey, folks, welcome back to your contact to show I'm playing the role of Eric my taxes. Hope you don't mind. I'm getting better at it. Um Oh, yeah, I have a guest Stephen D East, Stephen is that how you pronounce your name? Or is it just Steve? It's Steve, but I think it's actually pronounced days. But Happiness You put. No, no, seriously. You do pronounce it day Snow joke. I do, but half the family pronounces a D. So I'm I could be wrong. I wasn't going to say What do you know? You're pretty new to the family? Yes. Okay, Steve days, but it looks like decide. Just want to be clear because if people read it, it looks like these, but it's pronounced days. Steve days now you Have a book out Now. First of all, you gotta show on the blaze. Tell us about your show before we talk about your new book. Faust Seon Bargain. Tell us about your show. Well, I'm into two Eastern on Blaze. TV radio. There's a podcast version of People want to just go over the iTunes or stitcher or Amazon Spotify and subscribe to it. Just look for my name..

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