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There are a little bit. The fee is a little bit weird. Like i tend to have the Tend to have the most like average years of all time. Some most like earbud will just go in just fine. I don't need to change the the bud or the salon but the the actual like body of the momentum twos or like just a little too big for for for my sort of area. Here is the only year by that. I've ever really felt that way about. Yeah forever. That from a lot of people and for me that they're excellent. They fit me very well. I think for me if anything they probably give me a little fatigue. Maybe after like two and a half hours ish where i'll start noticing but that's usually we'll have is. I'll put a mass or listen to music and they'll start working on my stuff shouldn't be role whatever might be going on and then eventually. Oh that's not feeling too. Good now pull them out yeah So yeah i mean for me. They're excellent they're actually as far as like sound quality. They're actually number two because status audio. They still hold the title for me for number one The thing was status audio buds. they are essentially a one trick pony so there are a triple driver the closest that we've come to an audio file to a inner monitor type of sound in a senatorial here buds. But that's all they do It's literally it. So like the microphones are not good. There's no noise canceling. There's no transparency motors. No wireless charging isn't super exceptional. It's literally just if you're gonna sit down and listen to music or watch videos. There is almost no better experience. That what they will offer you know car but there are one trick pony so when people want all of these other features like there's absopure either. They are bare bones. And i tell you it was like listen. this is essentially in your monitor For the most are in a wireless format so people on the other features. I'll get them somewhere closer. You know what the different product that offers all the extras and gets you close. But they still just for peak performance. They're they're the ones but they're they're just weird i. I'm sure you've seen him before their darn odd-looking pill give me the status audio so they look like this one of them out here quick so they have this very odd. Bollock let me see if it'll focus are not blocked by face. Yeah so they kind of have that kind of squared off little. Look so yes there little their little funky but yeah change. That other looks like the top of like a i mean. I don't know how kosher it is for me to talk about this on the show but from that one angle that you started them off with the top of like a jewel weird right like the top of a vape pen. Yeah and they're even even a button control like they're not even touch control. Yeah they're i'm telling you there. Subaru commentary but south volume is. Just that's the company and talked about wanted. Anc but then said now. We're not gonna do that like they were just where we want the best out already. That's what they were after they. Their other products are excellent. This isn't this. Their first true wireless but our headphones the status. Cb one and they're in your monitors. They do a lot of wired products and took that that ability that know how and put it into these journalists ear buds. Wow so yeah. They're excellent but they're just not for everyone because people want more so true. I mean like you were saying before. Use case scenarios or very different for everybody like i. I have already admitted to showering with in this in my case. The this tatoos are the ones that they use but also like the anc in the wf mark threes. Were actually what. I used without anything playing to help my mindfulness practice. It was my way of doing some meditation so there are very very varying degrees of use case scenarios and whatnot. But yeah so. Got to know you for a little while here. And i'm sure we'll have you want plenty more shows but let's go in and gets a.

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