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Oh boy, that's a little. That's a real teaser. Hey, you got these bottle opener by chance. On keychain, wow, you're fucking party animal. Those from like Bruce song. Target while I'm so these are what we have here. Mitch, these are use on God, California raspberry Coca-Cola's. Oh, that's a lot we're talking about. We're talking about neighbors shots. And. Use on. Got us. He got us these cokes that have California raspberry flavors in there. One thing that I like about this already is it comes in the classic coke bottle glass bottle and that that's that's really nice real limited edition on you on some. Is there a Cup or something. All right. He's not. You got it. What did you say these for sure, limited edition. I don't know. I mean, I assume so maybe this will come, maybe if this is a sense Asian, this'll be this whole come stay stick around there in the glass bottles that look really nice, their nice and cold. Good. Let's give him a drink, Nick drank or staying a little swig. I tell you it's got that. It's got that coca that coke biz which I like this is made with cane sugar, so they're going out of their way to present to, you know, not to use the the corn share up. Surprising. Verdict on this one. I think it might be fucking stank, Nick. I don't taste the raspberry. You do taste very subtle. I taste like sort of a general sort of berry pastiche. I don't taste like any sort of specific raspberry. I don't like it. If I'm drinking coke, I would much rather have a straight up coke. I love Gocha cola. It's yeah. The best rink somewhat has a sour addition to it. I think I think that what is this is coming across as a little bit like a carbonated medicine drink Emma. What do you think you have over there? Really settle Asbury? Yeah. Flavor cook, right? You want you want to be a little bit more forward and as opposed to the cherry coke, we got at the or a couple of us got over at the Johnny rockets. I mean, this is just it's just not forward enough. This weird maybe instead of California raspberry for it was Quincy Quincy wral come on. If it was a Quincy raspberry, you would love it. You would keep this fucking perfect drink. I'd be fair. I live in California. Now you have an east coast bias you're wearing on your head. Coach, you're wearing a patriots at as we speak, it's better coast. It's not a better coast. West coast is best coast. Are you guys? Ok. Yes as okay, drinking caffeine. This close to bed time to be up all fucking wired already. This is. I mean, I do. I don't have caffeine after three pm generally. And I drink a third of this bottle and I'm fucking done. Yeah, this is where we kid and this is a stay just fucking. Bummer of a variant. And yeah, like you said that the measuring these things always comes down to, would you rather have the original one hundred percent rather glass bottle coke with cane sugar over this California raspberry? Is it terrible? It's terrible. It's not that good. Yeah, it's it's very disappointed right. Is the issue. I always appreciate the novelty of like a new flavor though. That's, yeah, I liked them taking a shot. Why not take a shot, take more shots and doing it and kind of a, you know, they're like, okay, we'll we'll try to have more like an artisan soda like Joan soda, mouse. I like that that Coca-Cola, given that a shot. But I think this version just doesn't quite work is thanks all around Emma, we agreement. Yeah, no, no, no one's on board with this one. Sorry. Dennis tabbies to us have it. You had a bad recommendation. I'm hey, I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was from. I'm sorry. It's just not my preference. No, it's fine. Oh, yeah. On. All right. I like you on Twitter. Sorry. It was fine. It wasn't thing worth trying. It was a fun experience, but he had a bedrick, hey, just like a restaurant by your feedback. Let's the bag. This week's emails from Victor Valenzuela Victor rights. I recently had to get a very minor surgery in my throat before learning about the whole procedure. I just assumed it wouldn't be able to eat normally for at least a few days..

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