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Hey that guy's got juice. Let's do change the entire direction in the course of my family's life. I can't be excited though the now. Don't even think in deir. Are you kidding me. Are you all that just happened. Everything i just said there and more is potentially happening that one play dalian fucking thinking. Get your fucking ass back in the hut barry sanders. Hey barry sanders he. He'd scored touchdown and he just handed the ref and he was gone. Why don't we well bear. Centers also heisman right. There was also scorer. And there's another thing barry. Sanders was unbelievable. Worked his ass off. Let's get crazy embarrassed. Sanders had the ability to act like he had been there before because barry sanders by the way had fucking been there before it made it barry sanders the way he goes about businesses and how everybody goes about business. Maybe there's a lot of different stories. A log different situations a lot of different life events. Somebody acting differently than somebody. That just acted you know almost robotic while being one of the most exciting and electric players in the history got nothing but love for barry sanders. Let's not get crazy but there's a lot of people act like you've been there before it's like you think this motherfucker been scared eight people and maybe changing tire like he can't be excited aren't a game of emotion. Are we a game of excitement. Why is this a fucking penalty aketao remnants sitting on a chair being cool. You became my commissioner. You are you are my commissioner when you dancer fucking out your sock slide. You're fucking out. We don't want anything we want. Robots know most everybody hated. You then raj hated. You understood why you're trying to take the fun out of the game. You're doing it because you wanna be able to just plop em- play you didn't want to have to have players be brand names because then you could replace them easily okay. Honesty on the business side of it but we all agreed. That tribe has spoken that the games better when people are excited. Something's are too much all some things are way too much there. Some dances that happened. That looked a little bit more like basketball. Where we're all like. There's no way that can happen with full line. We get those some but it added to the game. The excitement added everything now. Taking away this making it a point of emphasis and i'm not saying that there should be agree. Gis if something happens. They should penalize them. Yes please. it's not for the good of our game not for the good of the league. Not good for fans good for anybody understand. That's going to happen but a point of emphasis means hey. We're cracking down on this. Because we don't want to happen anymore in why are we targeting that as opposed to targeting something else. I'll never understand my commissioner roger. Goodell is going to get to the bottom of this if sam acho doesn't do it. I say sam macho told me on up this morning. he's still players committee. He's gonna change this thing around. I appreciate the family doing that for all of us. Thank you saw because the overwhelming mike. Hey this rule fucking stinks from everybody. You think there is a real chance it before the season now. That is not the way once something gets in there. I think it is normally at least a year because even if you start telling them they have a lot of what i think we all have if you tell me if you tell me yeah there's a good chance like if everybody's telling me there's a good chance it's like okay. I'm not fucking doing that. Too all right on my time. You know that's kind of how the nfl. Yeah that's the. Xfl thing didn't have to happen to you. Know the review system didn't have to happen until bub-bubba the skycam you know that came in from blah blah blah. The rules that they initiate always coming down here on our on our time. It's our league. Let's not let these motherfuckers outside. Run wake is probably what is being said but boy it'd be great if they did just open up you know. They probably still use the old school projector. If somebody could just put a slide in there of a couple twitter feeds of what people are saying about this. Maybe that would make the league a little bit better. But they have so much to worry about which i understand. It's not easy running league the biggest league to greenwich league on earth. But why is this what we are trying to focus in on major league baseball. Who has the worst commissioner. In the history of sports he actually called the trophy that all the teams in the league that he commissions the piece of metal or something like that he's embracing like. Hey we're allowed to. Sports are allowed to be fun. It doesn't have to be surgery. It doesn't have to be cure. Curing some disease abrasion rob manfred is acknowledging that and somehow as soon as walt gets in there. He's i act is. Nobody's happy on our fucking field that whole life. That just changed for benny lemay. Don't don't want to hear about it pal. Get your ass back into the huddle because we got a referee here to look in the beach. I mean he was rally out quick fast..

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