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Medics swarmed the streets they bloated multiple victims into ambulances here in the heart of downtown outside of the Macy's building we counted ourselves for people being worked on by medics we saw a man down on the sidewalk outside of Macy's with a gunshot wound to his leg we talked to people at least being worked on outside a McDonalds with another person getting medical attention inside the Macy's building in the Victrola copy area no motive yet no suspects in custody some Amazon offices are on lockdown as a precaution as his Benaroya hall police are also on the scene tonight of a shooting that involves Seattle police and king county deputies they say they were forced to open fire during a drug bust when the suspect pulled a gun on them and tried to ram the with a card that suspect has been transported to Harborview Medical Center with non life threatening injuries this is the third shooting in the heart of Seattle in two days just yesterday a man with gunshot wounds was found in the stairwell at Westlake center he later died of his injuries no word on suspects they're developing now health officials tell us that they are contacting sixteen people who had close contact with this new homes county man who became ill with the Koran corona virus after visiting China as for the patient here's to last properly cheers and mold distract Dr J. cook with Providence Medical Center in Everett he says the man is recovering and should be able to go home soon Boeing's beleaguered seven thirty seven Max will fly again it will not be renamed and there will be no layoffs while production is the splendid CEO Dave Calhoun insisted that today as if knowledge there's a lot at stake here everybody wants bowing to succeed for the sake of the country and I understand that and I have it on my shoulders but I'm not gonna let weigh me down thousand stressed that the plane is going through a vigorous recertification process the aircraft was grounded worldwide after two deadly crashes repeating our top story multiple victims after a shooting your fourth and pine in downtown Seattle today investigators are on the scene in Seattle's Belltown where officers shot a suspect in a drug bust that suspect expected to survive the two major shootings today and this is made a mess out of the road straight he listed traffic again so I just got an alert in an update from that sound transit and C. L. D. O. T.'s the link light rail is temporarily not serving.

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