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And so your hands are tied but in the end of the day the number offering oil was also out of the tar aims not pay almost eighteen million dollars tarnished to argue their case and you know what you read some of the stores rao this week about how much money they might lose your super they swab built at eight million dollars spent north carolina might have been embarrassed mcgee but it does not compare right now at least to the embarrassment the unsuitable i must feel because you go through three and a half years of this and you come up with zero that's an embarrassment what a giant waste of time and resources on the erin too see i question me right i mean isn't that another just this is all latest most blatant example of how deep deep the two of the incidental way yep and what's crazy it is and i just said this will force are a few minutes ago in our people it still we we all understand because we we study this what people don't even understand how this works the empty right away it is literally in laze in foul know look at the milkers this impressions committee that greg thank you headed and in the it all attorneys who are law professors and there's a whole football coach and there's there are the people who work at the universities or the people that they don't just the coach's football rules and that's how it works with everything else ultimately at the school president the commissioner's they're the ones that are right the rule book now they're out the investigating but as we learned today they all the ones who will ultimately determine if you're punished or not and so you'll is four we face group of strong trooper barksdale from indianapolis in the reality is that.

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