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To be on that train. And masking this To the listeners. How does it feel to be on that train of criticism and thinking these bad thoughts about that person that you care about it can even be disappointment. It doesn't have to be hostile to console yet. It can be sadness it can be feeling let down by them and jeff can be betrayed when you're on that train when you're in that space do you like them very much. Are you ready to end that friendship or that relationship or do you feel like you're in that questioning period. Do i even want this relationship. Do i want this marriage and asking yourself. Why do i even bother. Are you in that space of you. Know what i'm going to give me give this misery and other five years and then maybe when the kids are grown up all aleve it just pay attention to that fist again with your left hand and really feel what it feels like to have. All of these thought patterns and feelings come flooding back into body. So if you can. Some people can't because of the way. They're headphones i or maybe they're driving or stuff like that. I want you to get up. Shake it off. Shake both your hands like as if you're shaking water off them so i can unclench my left fist clenched fist. Shake off okay. I'm doing i'm sitting. Yeah if you can stand up and shake your body and walk in a circle around the room do it take any breath. I am doing that. I'm actually hey. Yeah still got my headphones on. I got a good course. I'm walking around the room. Look at a boring spot on the wall. Recite your phone number out loud to me backwards. Backwards steve okay. Good the backwards thing. I just wanted to break state so it was good and happy. Find another boring spot on the wall. Not the same one a different one and or on the ceiling. If you're lying on your back listening to this and you can look at the ceiling. Just just find somewhere boring to focus on and the pay attention to your breath and start to breathe in slowly and exhaling just a little longer than your inhale focused on lengthening that exile. Just a little bit making your breath comfortable and allow your eyes to become unfocused now and blurry and pay attention. To the periphery of your vision instead of that focus spot. Pay attention to the very edges. Of the periphery and imagine expanding it back even further. Almost as if you could see kind of behind your head because there's a limit to our peripheral vision. Good need to breathe as you're focused..

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