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Money, I have no credit card debt, no debt and emergency fund of Mankato and a saving of thousand also have two hundred and fifty thousand traditional. Ninety three thousand Roth IRA and the only debt that I have are. I have a primary home mortgage of eighty nine thousand also have four rental properties in Las Vegas, which are both mortgage free. And here where I live that both have mortgages on them. Now after I retired. I kinda got to talking to the different financial advisers and one told me that I could actually roll the two hundred six traditional. His over into a civilian IRA. And that there were thirty thousand dollars that I contributed while I was the boy that will not incur if I should say out to pay off my home mortgage to help pay off my home. I don't wanna know what I would do that. I think both of those are good moves to roll it. I always roll anything to an IRA when I leave a company and the TSP is a fine plan, but you can beat the you can beat the options that the TSP has in good mutual funds. Okay. And so I would roll it to a direct transfer rollover into an IRA. And if there's thirty thousand available from your deployment days to throw at the ninety thousand dollar mortgage bone that's gonna move that along. That's awesome. Have you got much much non retirement money? Have you got I have a six thousand dollars in my things account, and I have nine thousand dollars in my emergency fund. And then I'm on my pension. So I get about five thousand seven hundred a month from my retirement pay, and I will be bidding a BA disability. I'm still going through that process right now. So my total utilities that for the home. Primary home is about fourteen hundred a month. Yeah. What else looking for you don't have like thirty thousand bucks and a mutual fund. That's not in retirement account. Correct. I don't have any other money than what I told you. Okay. So we're gonna throw the thirty at the ninety and that leaves us sixty to do and you said, you're fifty years old. With before fifty four. So what's your new career? I'm gonna take a year off and travel. I need a break on military. Okay. And when I come back, I might work. I might not having to. I want you to work. When you come back. But I don't want you to work at something. You hate I want you to work at something.

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