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So that's the only seminar. I remember vividly about my dad and my paper out. That's what he said and I knew I could never say that and frankly I never. I'm glad I never really ran into anybody like that. But other than my dad training me for for life But I started to say about my background I would listen to bill cosby one time talking before he fell from grace on a TV show and He was taught and used always say When I tell mice life story in a in a capsule in an elevator pitch? They'd say well we. We grew up poor and my dad was my mom. Worked three jobs and Blah Blah Blah. Feel sorry for me. I didn't really. I want to feel sorry for me but I was tell the pig I'd pitch it that way. We grew up poor and then when I was watching bill cosby on TV. And he said to whoever he was talking to you know we weren't poor but we were broke and I thought man that describes my child. I really realized that's my my my my story about myself about my life. It was inaccurate because I was other people's story about me and how they described themselves and I started kind of glomming onto their narrative for their lives and I really realized that we weren't poor. We were broken in many fate way. We are rich because we had love in our family. There's only three things that children need love discipline and direction and I had debt in spades in my house. We had a Lotta love a lot of discipline allow direction and poor. People don't have anything they don't Oh everywhere to live. They worry about the rent payment Washer. My Mom and dad worried about that but They don't have heat. They don't have food. They don't have a car they don't have gas for the car if they have a Kerr and That's kind of life. I grew up in and I really realized that I was. I grew up in a in a very rich family but we were poor. We weren't poor but we were broke. So how did it happen. that you sort of discovered this idea of Motivation and inspiration operation. Was that interesting too because your dad was always really into that. Is that something that you developed. After you sort of became self often played. What was your first sort of foray into entrepreneurship? My first foray was cutting lawns and shovelling walks. But that doesn't really count from the standpoint of adult life but we we had A. We had a great need in our family. Once I got to be about well ten or eleven years old and eleven years old when I got out we started the buyer on. We'll have to buy her own clothes now. My mother would buy as wrangler jeans for school and We wanted Levi's wrangler jeans cost two dollars disappear. Levi's costs four dollars and fifty cents a pair and my mom couldn't afford to buy US ring Levi jeans and so what we'd say as well if we give you the extra money can we. Ah Levi's and she said well that's fine and that's what we started buying her own clothes and realizing what was important to us and and of course having a paper and having their own money even though it wasn't a lot it was like ten dollars a week but it was more than ten dollars a week I had before I had my baby. So that's kind of where it started to realize I could make money But the dance your questions specifically or more pointedly would be That because of the training I had as a as a child and because because of the people that are in my life in my family. Don't forget stacy in the audience here. EXCUSE ME MY I. My mother was from an entrepreneurial family. They had firearms so they had a different life than we did They they didn't. They were net showy at all their money was in their land but they were they were pretty probably pretty wealthy when I look back on it and I had an uncle Lawrence Mc long that owned a company call quality screw products and he started with nothing himself during the depression. He actually literally worked three jobs. He worked for Nash Motors. He worked for Kelvinator and then when he came home at night he had a little little lathe in his garage as I was too young I wasn't even born then but as the story goes in. I'm sure it's accurate He would he would turn out some parts in slave during the war and he would make some parts For for somebody during the War World War Two and So I had these entrepreneurs around me not in spades AIDS but a introduction to that kind of world and I want you to ask you a question. Stacey reminds me Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy's a great motivational motivational speaker. In a in a really good thinker good author lecturer and He wrote a book called chain of thinking. Change Your Life. He also did a tape series called getting rich in America. That was my first introduction Brian Tracy and for any of you out there. That have not heard a Brian. Tracy head heard of Brian. Tracy I highly highly recommend you. You get and read and and be introduced Ryan Tracy It'll help you a lot. It helped me and one of his tapes series getting rich in in America to answer your question Stacey because I did want to be Well I did want to be rich. I mean we were. We were broke. We weren't poor but but I realized that The the money was important. It's not the most important thing in life but like Zig Ziglar says it's reasonably close to oxygen. So you have to have it and so oh. I listened to Brian Tracy. One time he said you know there's four reasons I mean I'm sorry he said there's five reasons why people never achieve financial success. He said number one never occurs to him. I never had an uncle which I did a mom or dad. A teacher a neighbor somebody that became financially independent so it never rickers them that they could do that then. The number two reasons. Let's say occurs to Gordon. Brian Tracy is that They never decide to. This is very very important of this part here because you can. It can occur to you to be financially independent to take charge your life in all areas of your life but if ever make that decision to do that never happens then. The third reason to Brian Tracy said is the number third reason three three reasons because then they procrastinate. They'll put off till tomorrow Marl what they should be doing today. I'll do it when we do. The Republicans get out of office. I'll do it when we get a new mayor. I'll do it when I graduate from High School. I'll do it when get a new job. I'll get up when I get a new boss. I'll get it when I I'll do it when I get a new when I get married I'll get it D- when I get divorced. And they have all these reasons they progress and you keep putting off and I know Zig Ziglar said about that to you. Hear me quote him a lot. He said yeah he said you know he says The greatest labor saving device ever invented was tomorrow and That's where a lot of people are so that's number three number one. It doesn't occur to them number three to it doesn't Decide to number three. They procrastinate number four and now we're going to get into the real meat of it and that is the donors turn to understand the concept of long range time. I'm sorry of delayed gratification. The in other words. I'll eat hot dogs today so I can have stake tomorrow and a lot of people because we live in such an instant gratification society. Today I believe with all my heart mind and soul that what I see today with credit cards not that. They're bad but they can be devastating. You they want instant gratification. And same with the job they want to go right to the top and We'll talk again. How I started out with very humble beginnings of my first business that I started with twenty dollars but we won't get into that today and so they don't understand the concept of delayed gratification? I I learned that lesson over and over again in my life that I always had had to be putting off for today for tomorrow and many times It was devastating to me emotionally and mentally as a child but it really motivated me later honest adult and then the fifth reason and the most important reason I want everybody to pay attention. If you have a pen and pencil write this down. Life has the law. There's a formula called L. A. Equals E. C.. I will defy and bet anybody in this podcast audience that if I can't give author cell phone numbers but I would do this if you knew me. I've told people this before. I will bet you a dollar bill in your wallet to a Hundred Dollar Bill in my money clip hundred to one odds the you can call anyone of my children John Stacey or Lori and asked him your dad says there's the formula called La Equals e C. What does that mean? I say they can't give you the answer. I'll give you one hundred dollars. That's the bet I'll make. I'll give you one hundred dollars and I had a guy named Christian. COON was a salesman for me one time and I told him this story and the next day he because he did have access to my kids. Phone numbers Bruce and the next day came in and laid on my desk. He said I call to your kids. They both knew it was worth one hundred dollars. And he's like called to your kids symbol of knew the answer to your your formula. It's not my formula is. Brian Tracy's formula and Brian Tracy said this fifth reason. Most people do not ever achieve financial show independence in life and that is that life has a law. It's called the law of accumulation. That's the La part of the Formula La life has a law of accumulation. He said in the Law of accumulation states and tells us and demands that everything counts that's the EC L. A. Equals e c the law of accumulation says. Everything counts Gordon again with Brian. Tracy saying hang this in his Tape series getting rich in America. Now he said most people live their life like all the good stuff counts but not the bad stuff the negative stuff. I cheated on a test. I was dishonest. I got up late today. I didn't I didn't go to work on time but mm-hmm ran a mile. I drink some orange juice. Instead of a milkshake we have a way of compromising our our ideas and our in our excuses for why we are successful successful. He said but life is just writing down ledger all the time and on. Let's say on the right hand side. You have this ledge of all these good things you've done and then on the left hand side. You have a ledger of all these negative things you might have done habits you might have and they are either dragging you down rebuilding you up. So which side of your column are you filling up and Brian Tracy said this. He said you'll look at successful. People is not that they don't make success make mistakes. They make a lot of mistakes. Some fewer than others. He said they make more right choices than wrong choices. They make more positive decisions than native decisions. They do more things right than they do. Wrong and the ledger speaks for itself so love accumulation states everything counts. And that's really what caused me when I started to come into concept with these trews and these ideas has it made me thirsty hungry like a sponge really for more all the time and I I came in contact with these principles Stacey when I was about twenty one years of age so that was after. You started your first business yes I I started my first business. Nineteen years of age. When I was in college I wanted to be an airline pilot? I was always always interested in flying and I love lying own five airplanes and I I read about what airline pilots made. It was back in those days. Doesn't sound like a lot of money today. But in the sixties but nineteen sixty five an average captain for one of the airlines lines would make about forty thousand dollars a year. That was huge money back in those days for some to make and the only flew twenty hours a week and that doesn't like intrigue me. How can can you work half of a week and only and get paid six eight ten twelve times more than the average American makes so it kind of interested me to go toward an airline career and So I started taking flying lessons while I was going to college and then I didn't never have money to take my flying lessons because I was working at a K.. Mart right making a dollar sixty an hour so then I realized I could start a little window cleaning company and make more money. So that's what I did was going to college. Started making Taking flying lessons in pain for them by washing windows instead of working for Kmart dollar sixty an hour so increase my income at least fivefold I made about probably twenty dollars an hour No It'd be tenfold. Wouldn't it anywhere between.

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