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Both goods and people in some places there are no fences at all it's an illustration of the us president suspicion that china has no real intention of isolating north korea and the old alliance still stands in one chinese city we find more evidence of the continuing crossborder trade links north korean workers you'll see how she does say oh what's it like working here i ask they don't want to talk workers like these face slavelike conditions most of their wages go direct to the government and on the north korean side the economy is quite clearly still sputtering along with building sites and factories belching smoke the future of this antiquated military status now center stage and china is showing it's the only power that can really tip the balance john sudworth reporting from the china north korea border that's a feat previously managed only by the two giants of professional cycling eddy merckx and bernard eeeeno now chris room has become the third man's win all three grand tours in a row he took the to franson was spagna last year and on sunday evening became the first british were of the zero detailer detail meaning he holds all three winners jerseys at the same time it was a victory which seemed unlikely three weeks ago when he fell before the start of the first stage this was his reaction after reaching the finish in roy room is quite yet but i'm sure we'll over the next few days once i've read a bit of time to reflect just being incurred of i mean obviously for fannie cyclists this is the dream to have all three leaders jerseys in the space.

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