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To five seven nine seven well the election in five states oval there. Was in the Special election in Ohio A. Very very close election it appears that the candidate supported by President Trump wins by less than two hundred votes against the Republican in that primary that was backed by Senator Bob Dole and the established Well I'm sorry In Ohio that the the candidate backed by. The other established people dole supported established. Candidate, in Kansas We also see that there then. Victories around the country but in primaries But the one that stands. Out to me Is Wesley bell city council person in Ferguson, Missouri where Michael Brown was killed by police And many of us were. Involved in next trouble in fact I did the. Eulogy at his funeral and initial rallies Dan have been working with his father and mother since then as they've continued as part of the movement against police brutality was on this show about three weeks ago The documentary Wesley bell defeated the prosecutor that would not indict. The police in Ferguson and Wesley bell will now be the city well he will run, and pro likely went to be the prosecutor for. Saint Louis, county that's something that was unexpected but I think was. A good thing and it goes to show you. What I have been saying we have got to vote and punish people at the polls that don't do their job Is not punishing them that they. Don't do what we want don't follow the law how you going to have a prosecutor That does not follow the law Have, no problem prosecuting in our. Community but people violated now community many don't move forward And this sends a real message to prosecutors that people will vote you. Out so why you get all, these pressures from various sources? And various people supporting people the question is going to be can they re, elect you and I think. The answer is no If, we come out and vote so let's. Talk about the election returns as well as other issues I really also, want us to talk about we went off yesterday was some discussion around the. Issue of violence one to another in lot of us have been really really watching. Was going on in Chicago I, had Reverend IRA Acharya on? The show he and others in Chicago Hardiman and others. Had a March last week And I think that we really cannot Continue to talk about. This for years we've marched on both we've dealt with both, crimes that we commit to each other As well as crimes committed, against us so let's talk about that they talk about black on black I don't like the label black. On black crime but. It is crime we're doing to each other and with out Minimizing the need. For services and the need. For a lot of things to. Change in the community I do not at any, point want to suggest that anything justifies killing or shooting each other Yes we need more social services and yes. I think it stems the tide and. The desperation that, many young people in and then enticed into doing other things but again, we must challenge them to be stronger and deal more self love so let's talk about that as well and of course the congressman Collins and upstate New. York arrested this morning on insider. Trading he gave his son info and then covered it up On some insider trading I think Netting a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars as we continue to watch the for trial where his. Assistant partner now testifying against him all. Of this Brings in the whole broader world of the investigation of. President Donald Trump And I think it. Is it is extremely important that we understand that it is our community That has to be prepared either way Wherever the mullahs investigations go. To vote and vote with a passion that's why the Wesley bell victory was important Let me say about wherever announcements you. That in the New York area this weekend Meet me Saturday morning at the house of Justice of national. Action network Hundred and forty fifth street and lenox avenue in the village of Harlem nine AM to eleven AM. And you that are not in the. New York area can watch. It live on impact, television and Sunday morning I'll be live from Virginia I'm preaching in Charlottesville A year after the. Neo Nazis March there And I will be preaching in Charlottesville and doing the show from the from Virginia Nearby a. Studio to Charlottesville I'll be live from their Sunday morning eight a m eastern time seven AM. Central time on m. s. n. b. c. and, I want everybody to tune in we've been getting a great audience, on Sunday mornings and I want you to even make it great it this time We must and we shall stay in phone stay. Alert and stay on the issues. So a lot of talk about and we are, going to open up the phones I left some callers on, the board yesterday afternoon I do. Not want to leave callers on the board so make your calls. Make your point and let me go to the next caller 'cause we want the nation here. Would people think whether they agree with your thoughts, whether they disagree with mine is not the point as long only One qualification for this show That is you have to keep it real and just be real about what you feel. Be able to defend it if I ask you question and keep it. Moving but don't go unheard that's why we need a lot of us to really keep black radio and talk radio. Alive caused more and more we're being shut out of the discussion. And we cannot afford that let us get. Ready to take out. Break when we come back I'm going right, to, the, phones, one eight seven, seven, five, three to five seven nine, seven shopped keeping it real be right back.

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