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Start to this season. After sitting out all of last year, the Tauron Achilles from the 2019 finals. Is the first free throw gives Durant 21 points on the night and 20 to as he hits both. He Had a franchise record setting ninth straight game with the least 25 42 the other night. He's on his way to 1/10 straight 87 76. Brooklyn holiday driving into the lane steps back free throw line got fouled by Bruce Brown. And two free throws coming. The clock stopped at 4 26 to go in the third for Jew holiday Heck of a third quarter here going on for the Brooklyn Nets, much like I expected the offense, eyes going to be toward it's going to be so difficult to stop this team. My questions are can they do it? On the other end? They're doing the job on the glass there doing the job on one of the best offenses in the MBA. Guarding the three point line. This is impressive here. Through three quarters for the Brooklyn Nets and J B. This story is going to take a while, though, Right? Right. You got to get Kyrie Irving back. We got to get the math eliminated. Then you gotta work on all those defensive issues as well. It could be a while before we see the potential of this team. On who even starts. We don't take out a line up. When Kyrie comes back on Wednesday, potentially They hit the free throws. And now a steal by Portis. One on to Port is trying to keep the dribble. Saves it on the end line nicely to Augustine will cross court Taconic. Good looking a three from the wing. No hiring about it. Bruce Brown beats porters to the rebound. Four minutes to go here in the third Brown front court gives it up to Jeff Green. Loop it to.

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