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But what's important now and forever. How react drought fate. Whatever it may be. That's the challenge because in this life we will have to learn a thing or two about mastering emotions. Enjoy sage one scape. The whole teaching three shorts words sink or swim and keeping mindset loneliness is now actually a worldwide affair yet even before covid one out of three american kids said they had no friends. That's not good surveys. Also have four out of ten office workers into world feeding lonely saying they don't have a single friend that work and now it's so many people working from home half of them say they feel more lonely and abondoned ever okay. It's an epidemic. The loneliness fidel make. Even elephants are getting only bugged. There's hope Von world's loneliest f. Unt has finally been removed from zoo to a wonderful wildlife reserve after zealous campaign to free him from man's dreary confinement. Yes latian he suffered at the zoo say. His supporters was cruel and painful. That says it all off. Human beings and animal friends really really really need each other needs to belong. Feeding lift out hurts very badly. i ride. Who mentioned not even having a country that wants you refugees at asu in the heart of darkness. Terrible isolation only magnifies problems filling us with self doubts. Resentment taught break sales. Pity and woori. These are the nas to demonstrate. We deal with in the lonely room. Maybe that's why sages have always fled to the wilderness. Confronted conquer does powerful demons which prey so freely pundit lonely. Your assistance toughness It keeps you visions. Maybe it's time to put your imagination in gear start. A diary led an instrument door science. Something they talk about current teen fatigue attack. we have to get. Paul stole this burnout. We've run out the fall. Easy answers. I can tell you this when you are alone. That is the right time for creative inspiration from me music and dance writing. What is it for you. Everyone's different be you stay strong in wisdom. Love power your own.

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