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Us or its allies it is a race against time in mexico city as rescuers continued searching for survivors trapped beneath rebelled crumbled buildings the magnitude seven point one earthquake has left at least two hundred fifty people dead in that number is expected to rise chris mirul with much more on that straight ahead and back in arizona who is most at risk for earthquakes 550 kfi eyes greg paul with the answer joanna may sound a little scary the we have hundreds of earthquakes in arizona every year edgar narrow professor at a issue school of earth in space exploration says most of those earthquakes are too small to be felt there was an earthquake about forty miles south of the border a long long long long time ago 1887 actually in it was greater than a magnitude seven earthquake did caused some damage in arizona northern and southern arizona are the most active earthquake zones flagstaff you know the northern part of the state it is mountainous and mountains or related to earthquakes yuma is close to the earthquake prone california so you can have strong shaking down there as well dr narrows says the valley did vibrate for the next sokoto city earthquake greg paul 550 kfi i news oneself 'spect accused into shootouts with phoenix police this wild chase in double shootout began about seven thirty last night during a traffic stop near forty three rd avenue in bethany home road police say the driver engaged in gunfire than took off before being disabled near forty four th street in thomas and that's where a second shootout left a vehicle riddled with bullets a suspect was shot and an officer also hit and past scott penetrating that officer he was also transported to hospital the police officer was treated and released the suspect is still hospitalized in serious condition sponsored by investment property experts offering.

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