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For ten six five four two seven eight zero four ten six five four two seven eight zero W. C. B. M. weather channel forecast this does not feel like March at all our temperatures are twenty twenty five degrees warmer than they're supposed to be for this time of year it doesn't last long though we've got a cold front with some rain and a little dose of March by tomorrow today cloudy a few thunder showers AT the high tomorrow we have a slight chance of a shower mainly sunny and cooler fifty three Sunday strike fifty two Sunday I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCBS at Penn station Baltimore seventy four degrees reporting a two oh six I'm Michael Phillip Ellie six eighty WCBS news the W. CBS studios are sponsored by a safer environment solutions all Robert Rowley four one zero two six six eleven twenty save for retirement solutions dot com the Rush Limbaugh show starts now on talk radio six eighty WCBS his work is a fortune five hundred technology executive and was CEO of the first internet radio network he's a digital political strategist helping the right side news new technology more effectively public speaker sitting in for rush Limbaugh today ladies and gentlemen please welcome Irma is in order to fill in.

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