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MVP to roll in the course. So. What's your advice for? Product manages that working in companies that are currently supporting us these these hate groups yet. This is a great question I think product managers are in a unique position. It's a leadership position where they have the opportunity and I think the responsibility to bring these issues up at their companies One thing in particular that I encourage folks in intact ought to look at to think about is their acceptable use policies, who is being allowed to use their platform, and who shouldn't be allowed to use their platform, and that is not a personal thing that and it shouldn't be. A personal decision should not be up to on how you feel about things personally. That's that's not a healthy way to make decisions for a business the first thing that business should be looking at is their values their what their business was founded on for a lot of businesses. This is this is integrity equality. This is the stuff that you put on your mission statement on your about as page like it's stare in public, so you have those written down already. Why not abide by them? One way of thinking about it is if this user or this group, or whatever is behaving in a way or working towards? Their admission that. Is Anti! Your mission so I mean if again if you have like the KKK on growing their business or their organization on your platform that is directly threatening to your employees, or even to your customers. You have the right to say no, we can't work with. US I, mean you. You make aditorial decisions all the time like this right whether it's like the type of people you hire the freelance work where you have a code of conduct at Your Business you make these decisions all the time, so so you are allowed to stand up and say we're not gonNA work without with an organization like this. DC Some good examples of acceptable use policies out that I mean I've seen a lot of great acceptable use policies even pay. Pal is a great acceptable use policy facial consecrate, acceptable use policy, not enforcing it. so so I mean having trouble. US policies is one thing the other thing is you gotTa have the Honus to enforce them so? One thing that I think is really important. It's important to have these your values right now publicly, but it's also important to be able to be transparent about your decision won't lose the trust of your customers. You don't WanNa play it. Both ways you don't want to say. I will work with anybody you know. Our company will work at absolutely anybody and then start banning people on what seems like sort of ad hoc basis. That's that's exactly what's giving companies in trouble. You don't want to do what they're doing. And this has a real commercial impact essentially not only with customers, but also. Internally with recruiting with retention and things like that I know I saw the story about wayfair where they were selling. It was found out by the employees that they were selling to the detention camps in Texas in southern border of the states, and it was a real clamor internally, and the CEO defended the practice. And you know it's not something. I've kept up with a domino of the full extent of it, but that has not gone well for them. From a PR perspective and I can't imagine it's going well. You've got the walkouts in Google and protests there is that the way to? There's always the moral reason. You would say that we should do this. We've got a written in our acceptable use policy, but getting people to live up.

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